Fundamentals Feedback - CrossFit Fibre

When we run Fundamentals Classes, we receive Fundamentals Feedback like below. We go right back down to the basics of your body, simple human movement and then build on from there. Being aware of your body gives you a really good head start into your training with us and you will then have a better experience of the workouts when you have all the know how.

After being in the business for a number of years, we have since condensed the session into a 1.5 hour workshop that will cover a long list of topics that will get you started.

Here is what we cover in this class:

  • Warm Ups – Why we do them and how we do them
  • Mobility – Shoulder Mobility & Hip Mobility
  • Core Activation – How to activate your core
  • Core Strength- How to Plank and Hover; When to rest in your reps
  • Shoulder and Hip Posture – Its movements and how we cue
  • Squat – How to Squat for your body type and Mobility
  • Deadlift – How to Deadlift for our Workouts
  • Hip Opener Drill – How to use your hips in the lifts
  • Front Rack – How to load the shoulders properly
  • Clean – Breaking down the Clean
  • Overhead Movements – Breaking down the 4 Overhead Movements
  • Snatch – Breaking down the Snatch
  • Summary and homework

Here is a bit of feedback we collected after running our Fundamentals classes.

Our Fundamentals Classes are run by appointment.

They are done in small groups of a maximum of 6 so that we are able to run assessments, tests and small group teaching so that you get quality learning in the 1.5 hours.

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned exerciser, you are sure to take away a few nuggets that will help with your training.\

So go ahead and book in with us for a Fundamentals Class.