Celebrating Amandine WOD - CrossFit Fibre

Amandine CrossFit Fibre

Our dear friend Amandine Trioullette has left our beautiful world and survived by her husband Manu and son Simon.  She was a strong determined and inspirational woman who battled cancer.

On Saturday 9 September 2023, we held a commemorative workout to honour her. “She would have fu***** loved that” Manu said.

After a bit of consultation and remembering what she loved during the times she trained at Fibre, her workout named “Amandine WOD” was one that we created were as follows:


5 Rounds

400m Team Run

78 Skips

12 Simultaneous Sit Ups

22 Power Cleans 45/30kg

Rx Plus Double Unders, Ascending weight starting from 45/30kg, 50/35kg, 60/40kg, 70/45kg

Expect around 22 to 26 minutes to complete this workout. Drop in the comments how you did in this workout.

Amandine loved those elements, running, skipping, sit ups and power cleans. All the things that Manu never liked, but I am sure he does now.

Amandine, your strength and life is celebrated by those who remember you. You were never afraid of hard work and you always walked into the gym and gave it everything you had (and sent me a few daggers along the way too).

Rest in Peace dear friend.