Fibre In House Weight Lifting Comp 2022 - CrossFit Fibre

On 23 October today was cloudy it was threatening to rain but it was our Fibre In House Weight Lifting Comp. Everybody else in doors had a great looking lifting platform newly varnished and an incredible software to see the leaderboard, weights successful lifts and lifting timer.

Well done to all lifers who showed up today and gave the weight lifting comp a go. As you all may have felt, it is a different feeling to when you are just in class and session, just throwing bars around. 

It is a new experience and it would be nice to see more participate in this in house comp in the future. 

Congratulations to the winners based on the Sinclair Coefficient. Coach Tay will have some more videos and pics shortly of all your amazing lifts and pics for the day! 


Tayla Kneller Snatch 60, CnJ 75 (159.898)

Candice Lepoidevin Snatch 35, CnJ 56 (108.407)

Celia Reid Snatch 43, CnJ 45 (105.671)


Dean Hocek Snatch 66, CnJ 80 (185.423)

Hashim Khap Snatch 65, CnJ 78 (181.749)

Nathan Currie Snatch 60, CnJ 70 (142.068)

Hash with his machine like clockwork movements that are just snappy and inspirational to watch.

Candice looking as steely as ever with her lifts!

Steely look on Dean’s face as he attempts his Clean and Jerk.

Taryn with some very calculated lifts.

Tyson happy with his lift! The lad did amazing!

Michael nailing all of this lifts on the day! Watch this space for this lad.

Celia just doing her thing and nailing her lifts.

Nate absolutely stoked with his lift!

Not every lift is a successful lift. But then if we did not keep trying, we would not succeed.

The scoring was a stressful job!

Head Judge Kym judging the lifts. Instructed to be brutal, she made sure all of the lifts were comp standard.

The Vibe of our Community.

Always happy smiles when we get together.

The strength of Candice is amazing and so is her smile.

Nate saw the hotdogs on the barby and he instantly had a smile.

Always looking lovely for a photo.

Instilling healthy habits through generations.

Winners always smile the best!

The Mens Podium. 1st Dean Hocek, 2nd Hashim Kaap, 3rd Nate Currie. Well done Lads.

Check out some of our socials where we have some of their lifts.