Fibre Athletes get the Invite to Quarterfinals and AGOQ - CrossFit Fibre


After 3 weekends of working out, 3 Fibre athletes received the invite to continue on in the Quarterfinals AND AGOQ of the NoBull CrossFit Games 2021. Their outstanding performances in the 3 Open Workouts have placed them within the 10% of their groupings either across the continent or worldwide in their respective category.

With the new concept of allowing the top 10% to go through to a quarterfinals or a semifinals for the masters division, you can be sure that the pool of athletes who get through would be a lot higher.

Congratulations to

  • Tayla Kneller Open Females
  • Adele Heal 45-49 Oceania
  • Bjorn Voon 40-44 Asia

What a massive achievement this is and we are so proud of their individual efforts.

Look out for these guys on 6-9 May 2021!

More Updates and Wrap Ups to Come.