CrossFit Open 2023 - CrossFit Fibre

The CrossFit Open has just wrapped up and it was an amazing 3 weeks of pure adrenalin and most importantly fun for our FibreFam. We saw some first time Open Comp entrants to our veteran Open participants who all came together to cheer each other on on our Friday Night Lights.

We saw a repeat wod, Burpee Pull Ups, a 1RM Thruster and a short-as-hell workout of just 6 minutes. The workouts were short and punchy.

Here are some of the videos from the 3 weeks of events. Better yet, head on over to our YouTube Page and Subscribe to it.


CrossFit Open 23.1

CrossFit Open 23.2

CrossFit Open 23.3

There are quite a few, so let’s just put a list of links down here so you can go back to it and refer back to is if you feel like watching the CrossFit Open videos, because let’s face it, it is more interesting than watching regular TV right now.

Head over to our YouTube Page and you can enjoy and relive the madness of the Open on Friday Night Lights 2023. Events like these are always remembered and give you lasting memories.