Candice Secures ticket to Masters League Invitationals Finals in Melbourne 2022 - CrossFit Fibre

Masters League Open

Fresh off the Masters League Open wods, it was clear that Candice had a definite chance of qualifying for the Masters League Invitationals. The Masters League is an International organisation for Masters Athletes which started in Australia.

Candice train from a home box in Crossfit Fibre and when the workouts were released Candice absolutely demolished all four off the open master league work out. She also strategise that also repeated the third benchpress workout which was an absolute doozy just to improve on her positioning for it.

Masters League Invitationals

Fast forward A couple of months Kandice received her invitation to compete at way to fit Master’s League invitational is in Perth W.A.

And when the buzzer went go? She full sent the workouts all day and stayed in contention within the top 3 all day long and was a clear winner after all 4 events. Because there were a few who were doing the euros online, we were not allowed to podium and release shut information about who won. Which was pretty disappointing.

But awesome work to Candice. She is an absolute  machine and she have the wods full pedal to the metal to gain top accolades. It is the result of consistently showing up five days a week in the year to actually put all heart into training. How consistency late to have done that she was in the competition.

As a result of that Candice has received the invitation to compete in the Masters league finals in Melbourne.
Congratulations Candice you are incredible and we can’t wait to see you compete in Melbourne 2022.

Thank you also for the crew ad way to fit and also to the admin team of Masters League W.A. including Emma and the Masters League Team who have done an amazing job to keep the Masters League event lit in Perth.

We are back into preparations now for Melbourne. Let’s go! Watch this space!

Here are the workout that were done on the day.

Wod 1

10min AMRAP

15 Power Snatch

30 Double Unders / 60 Single Skips

Wod 2

3min Determine a 7 rep Max

1min Max Burpee over the Bar

Wod 3


15 Bar Muscle Ups / 20X C2B/PU’S/Ring Rows

30 Box Jump Overs 24/20 inch

40 Alt DB Hang Clean and Jerk

50 Cal Row

40 Alt DB Hang Clean and Jerk

30 Box Jump Overs 24/20 inch

15 Bar Muscle Ups / 20X C2B/PU’S/Ring Rows


Well Done Candice.

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