AGOQ Masters CrossFit Games Workouts 2021 - CrossFit Fibre
The AGOQ Masters CrossFit Games have been released. And gee do they look similar to the Open Quarterfinals. Based on the equipment list, there does not seem to be any rings or gymnastic based movements.
For time:
5 rounds for time:
15 handstand push-ups
15 dumbbell shoulder-to-overheads
15-cal. row
50/35-lb. dumbbells
Time cap: 20 min.
60 GHD sit-ups
6 rope climbs, 15 ft.
60 alternating single-leg squats
50 GHD sit-ups
5 rope climbs, 15 ft.
50 alternating single-leg squats
40 GHD sit-ups
4 rope climbs, 15 ft.
40 alternating single-leg squats
Time cap: 20 min.
For time:
75 cleans, 135 lb.
300 double-unders
Time cap: 15 min.
For max load:
4-rep-max front squat
Time frame: 20 min.
For time:
12-9-6 reps of:
Overhead squat
Burpee box jump-over
165 lb., 30-in. box
Time cap: 10 min.
After a couple of weeks of fast prep, Bjorn and Deli suited up and attacked the workouts. The workouts challenged both athletes much more than the normal daily class workouts obviously and both athletes just gave as much as they could to complete the workouts.
WOD 1 was heavy on the upper body, with 75 Handstand Push Ups, DB shoulder to overhead. You only needed to recover enough and had to break up the HSPUs to ensure that you could get through the volume which was fatigued even more with the DB S2O. A very sinister program that gave the upper body a good workout and tested our upper body conditioning.
WOD 2 was an attack on the core with 60-50-40 GHD situps and boy they were something else. The GHD situps in turn affected the rope climb ability with athletes not being able to knee tuck to achieve the high foot lock. To pull the blood away from the arms, it was backed up with 60-50-40 Pistols which challenged the mobility needed for the squats.

WOD 3 was a fun but challenging workout with 75 Cleans at 61/43 and into 300 double unders. In order to complete this workout, you needed to strategically finish the cleans without resting too much and give yourself 6-8mins to complete the double unders.

WOD 4 was a good strength workout to see what your 4RM front squat was. Testing the strength of the front squats would suit the heavy lifters.

WOD 5 was a final Complex couplet with a Overhead Squat 12-9-6 at 75/55 and a Burpee Box Jump Over of 30 inch box. A simple 10 min couplet which if you looked at heavy bar muscular endurance.

After the weekend it was clear what the gaps were in our training and what we needed to work on. We always need to come away from an experience like this to learn from. And that we did. But at the same time we both enjoyed the experience and the opportunity to be able to officially do these workouts at home and in our box.

Adele did so well and we are so proud of her achievements. She has been consistent in her training and working on those skills throughout the years and the maturity whilst doing the workout showed. Pistols nailed in the workout. She went in not thinking she could do them, but she nailed them! Deli finished 420th out of 901 in the 45-49 Division. And that’s also top 5% Globally.

“Overall it is easy to say that it was one of the most memorable events that I have ever had at the box at Fibre and also to do it together with my girl Deli.
To be given the opportunity, to be invited to compete with the top 10% in the world of 40 to 44-year-olds is pretty huge honour. One that I will not forget in awhile.
With a bag of mixed emotions or there’s work to be done in the business or am I ready enough to do these workouts, this Covid BS is messing with my head.
After 5 workouts, Bjorn finished ranked 997th out of 2025th. Which mathematically works out to be top 5% globally. So well done Bjorn!

As always after a comp, we rest recover, ponder, assess, go back to the drawing board and re align those goals again to ensure that we plug the gaps that we have and then do not get caught up in them again next year.

We got away pretty light this year with the workouts compared to previous years. Will post up another post on the previous AGOQ CrossFit Games workouts to compare and will program some more workouts that will help other masters athletes to conquer the upcoming years of workouts. There can only be a higher goal to set and another journey to conquer.

A little fire has been lit. And we are only just getting started. Who else is in?