3rd Place Finish for Brandon Till at Frantic Day Out - CrossFit Fibre

Frantic Day Out 2021 (24 October)

Another Comp Weekend and this time this post is featuring Brandon Till who pulled an amazing outcome in his first beginner competition.

Brandon was deep into basketball state trials but decided on very short notice that he would like to pursue crossfit and partake in a local comp. With some quick tweaks in the training and volume, Brandon walked right into the box and smashed his way into a podium in the Beginner Mens Division.


This guy ⭐️
Not only did Brandon Till make finals for beginners, he left the box in awe.
Mid workout his hands tore, needless to say I have never seen so much blood come off someone’s hands in my life. Brandon could of chosen to strop, but instead he dug deep and kept pushing through.
By the end, the entire box was cheering him and chanting how incredible and resilient he was.
Brandon showed the true meaning of Fibre Active… strength from within 💪 ❤️
I could not be prouder of him!
(Side note, nurse Tay came to the rescue 😜😂)
Oh and lesson of the day… watch the video of his hands to see 😅

Brandon also made a name for himself during the final workout where he ripped his hands but wanted to keep on going in the workout. He had the entire gym cheering for him and it was just warming to see the lad give his heart to complete the workout.

In the max Clean Wod, Brandon pulled a 110kg lift. A PB lift.

Well Done Brandon!

Such great talent there. It will be very interesting to see where you will be in a year or 5. Keep watching this space for whats coming up next with this lad.