21 June 2021 PB List 1RM Clean, 3RM Deadlift, 3RM Back Squat - CrossFit Fibre
What a great week of testing last week with the back squats deadlifts and the squat cleans. The PB list below is loooong and we love to see that! YES!
Well done to everybody who manages to smash a PB or two or three even.
Like we always say, hard work always pays off if you stay consistent with your attendance at the gym.
Clean 1RM PB
Andrew Sampson 112kg
Jordan Newton 103kg
Ashley Hadassin 95kg
Kevin O’Connor 95kg
Adam Carter 93kg
Henry Dos Santos 80kg
Dean Hocek 65kg
Ryan Wienand 60kg
Taryn Johnston 70kg
Adele Heal 67.5kg
Christine Prasetia 50kg
Elizabeth Lam 50kg
Sangini Bassant 47.5kg
Sue JOubert 46kg
Anna Nielsen 37kg
Back Squat 3RM PB
Owen Rees 140kg
Andrew Sampson 137kg
Kevin O’Connor 122.5kg
Marc McKay 120kg
Mario Milos 115kg
Ashley Hadassin 110kg
Wayne Hounsom 110kg
Clem Roberts 106kg
Chris Cooper 100kg
Vicky Foy 95kg
Adele Heal 82.5kg
Taryn Johnston 82.5kg
Nicole Smith 80kg
Sangini Bassant 80kg
Mel Rees 65kg
Susan Rubiano 60kg
Anna Nielsen 53kg
Claudia De Avelar 100kg
Elise Mullan 85kg
Deadlift 3RM PB
Chris Cooper 160kg
Daniel Blumberg 150kg
Daniel Horwitz 150kg
Mario Milos 150kg
Ashley Hadassin 140kg
Vicky Foy 125kg
Elise Mullan 115kg
Taryn Johnston 110kg
Tammy Doyle 92.5kg
Sangini Bassant 90kg
If your name is not here, its because you may not have registered a PB on the system from not previously recording your weights and results. Please make sure you do or you may lose track of it.