Yin Yoga - CrossFit Fibre



Yin Yoga on Sunday mornings with Stephen Byrne.

Yin Yoga is a quiet and meditative style of Yoga that emphasises deep stretching. Holding passive stretches for minutes at a time we intend to target the fascia, typically know as connective tissue. Dense around joints, particularly the hips and lower-back, fascia works as a load bearing tissue that may become very tough through repetitive weight bearing. Yin Yoga helps to release this tension and increase the sense of freedom in the joints.

The challenge of mindfully maintaining a posture is key to Yin Yoga. As we become more mentally resilient to the physicality of practice, we develop a deeper sense of the body. It is through this method that the mind-body connection is strengthened.

Yin Yoga is a thoroughly adaptable practice. Favoured as much by those with high flexibility as it is by those with less, Yin Yoga is a fit all body types.

Come join us this Sunday by emailing us at info @ crossfitfibre.com.au
It costs $20 for a casual class.