Why You Should Take Part in the Open 2020 (again) - CrossFit Fibre

It is the middle of the year almost the end and we have a change in the guard. The last 3-6 years have been interesting with the Open starting in early part of the year March to April. But now we see it being shifted to October in the year as the CrossFit Open season starts to open up into a double event of the year.

It’s not a bad thing though when you look at it. March and April is a hard time to get back into fitness. For the average person who is competing as a part of lifestyle and hobby (not competitive) it is hard to come back from the year end of festivities and prepare well enough so that we can do any better in the Open so early into the year. It takes a good 3 solid months of training from the year end of festivities to do any better from your previous years hence having an Open in October gives you plenty of time to get started in Fitness in Jan then slowly build towards a well prepared Open in October.

But 2 in a year? Whoa. Yeah this will probably be the double whammy year. But hey it will only happen once. From 2021 onwards it should be fairly straightforward.

Top Reasons why you should take Part in the Open 2020

Its Only 5 (extra) Workouts

It is no extra than any other week in week out training. We have been doing it regularly over the years now, so another 5, 1 per week is not going to change your life or training routine dramatically in anyway. It will not change anything about the way you live, about the way you think or about the person you are. The Open does not define who you are.

Its another Open

What’s better than 1 Open in the year? 2! Imagine having 2 New Year or Christmas celebrations in the year? Won’t that be epic. If we could spend time with your friends and party on like 1989 twice a year, it would be absolutely fantastic. But oh yeah. This is not like any party, this is the Open. You may have to sweat a little. Yup Maybe a lot. The Open is about our party. So as part of the crew, we should get excited to be part of our worldwide ‘party’ or workout. It is how we get together, the way we help each other, the way we connect with others in our box.

Support our New Members

From 2004 to 2018 there has been an exponential rise in box affiliate worldwide. This means today there are over 15,000 affiliates. With a yearly growth of 2-5% this is pretty massive. Never mind this impressive and unrelated fact that has nothing to do with Fibre, I’m only trying to highlight the fact that there are always new members around and joining crossFit and especially our box.  The Open is a time for us to share our experiences, our tips, our tricks and also what we have been through. Member experience is always welcomed in a time like this. Plus all articles are more interesting to read if there is an inclusion of a statistical fact.

Its About the Community

This is the #1 reason I believe to be the real reason why I love the Open so much. Not so much because it is about “the Competition”, yeah well maybe for some, but it is really about the time when we get to come together and support one another going through each person/members fitness journey and celebrating the moment. I have watched every single one of our members gain confidence, skill and fitness. The making of a new person. This is the best time to celebrate it. Set aside all your ego’s, your excuses, your I’m not good enough, your I’m not prepared, your I’m not fit enough, your excuses. NO one is really prepared for the Open unless you spend 3 -5 hours in the box training and working on your weaknesses. Yup. No one. So don’t worry. Get along, sign up and have a bit of fun with the FibreFam.

That being said, here is the link and don’t forget to choose CrossFit Fibre as your home box. Sign up for the Open and be part of the Community. Stay tuned to our Youtube Channel for updates on the Workouts. Consider subscribing if you have not already.

Coach Bjorn