Stretch Flow to Relieve Stress - CrossFit Fibre

Movement is vital these days to make sure you are recovering well and stretching those tight muscles after all those home and virtual workouts that we have been posting. You may also be needing them if you are training more than once at the gym! because now you do not have to “get ready, drive to the gym”, the convenience is now there! No more excuses.

We have recorded one of our live virtual stretch sessions and here it is for you to follow. We will be recording a few more for you to follow along to relieve the tightness in your hips, trunk and arms.

Maximise your Crossfit WOD with this stretch flow. Check the video out below featuring the lovely Coach Jess.

A slow stretch flow is important to calm the nerves down and stretch the muscles which will reset them to their normal form from all the tightening and squeezing that we put it through. Reducing the tightness will reduce any tension you may feel and will create more balance in pull of the other muscles.

In this stretch flow, it is also important to focus on your breathing, to slow it down and to also focus on deep inhalation and also a slow exhalation. Doing this will allow your muscles to properly relax and allow the contraction to stop and the elongation of the muscle to happen. That is when the stretch becomes beneficial to you.

Give it a go and as always hit the like button and subscribe to the channel if you have not already.



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