March Buzz - CrossFit Fibre

Hello All,

It has been a long while and yes we are back in on the action. The months have slipped past us very quickly and we have seen some events pass us by and we have seen a few changes in the box.

Since our last newsletter, we have seen Riverside Jam 2015 take off, our box Lifestyle Challenge get started and now we are almost complete with the weekly CrossFit Games Open competition.

We have some new additions to our timetable and would like to share more services with everyone with all the courses done at the end of last year in CrossFit Football, CrossFit Gymnastics, Ido Portal and CrossFit Kids.

With the development in our offerings, we expect that we can bring more improvement into your experience of a complete functional gym in Fibre.

If you have not seen our new revamped website that is now mobile friendly, go take a peek.

Yours in CrossFit,

Coach Bjorn


Our new Timetable for 2015

CrossFit Fibre Timetable

Our new timetable is in effect and we have a few new changes and additions to our services. Gymnastics and Weight Lifting on Wednesday, CrossFit Kids Classes on Wednesday and Friday and Open Gym times begin at 5pm for 1 hour.


Riverside Jam 2015

Riverside Jam was a great first event of the year for FibreFam boys. The boys represented well and some placed high in the top 20 of Men’s Beginner Division.

Well done to our first comp debuts by Jake Sutton, Andy Cameron and Richard Clancy getting their tastes of these highly addictive competitions.

Our seasoned comp vets Peter, Luuwi and Keith finishing strong in the pack.

It was a scorching hot day, which meant a lot of ripped hands, which for Luuwi could have been a podium finish. Lessons learnt from this event, including wearing gloves for those outdoor events when the barbells are cooking under the hot sun and also no “Keith night outs” before comp. 😉

Our boys placed below in the following:
6th Jake Sutton
7th Richard Clancy
8th Luuwi Huynh
9th Peter Devlin
26th Keith Mckinney
35th Andrew Cameron
Top job boys!

Day 2 saw some amazing performances by Australian CrossFit Elites Khan Porter and Sam Drescher.

Thank you for FibreFam who came down for the support and kept us all well hydrated with the coconut water.
Lets ensure a larger presence next year 2016! What a blast it was and lets get prepped for the next one.

CrossFit Fibre Andy Cam RSJ2

CrossFit Fibre Jake Sutton RSJ1

CrossFit Fibre Keith McKinney RSJ2

CrossFit Fibre Peter Devlin RSJ5

CrossFit Fibre Richard Clancy RSJ4

CrossFit Fibre RSJ 6


Upcoming Comps
• CrossFit Games Open – March
• Primal Throwdown – 13th 14th June
• Three Vs Three 30th- 31st May


CrossFit Kids @ Fibre
March sees the start of CrossFit Kids at Fibre and things escalated quite quickly before we even began marketing it to the general public. Word sure gets around fast and we have a nice little bunch of mini Fronings and Camilles running around the box in the afternoon after school.

CrossFIt Kids is run by Coach Jessica who went away to CrossFit Rocks in Brisbane for the course. Please take care whilst driving into the box car park as there may be little ones crossing by the time you arrive for your class.
We still have space in Experienced Kids class age 10 and above.

Get in contact if you want to know more about CrossFit Kids attn: Jessica,

CrossFit Fibre CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Fibre CrossFit Kids2


CrossFit Fibre Lifestyle Challenge
As part of our dedication to healthy living, increased performance and breaking habits, we are about half way through Fibre’s first Lifestyle Challenge that sees us eliminating Processed Sugars, Processed Foods, Grains, Dairy and Gluten.

CrossFit plus a Paleo nutrition plan will result in some jaw-dropping difference in your body appearance. With about 25 participants having a go at our Lifestyle Challenge, it will be very interesting to see all our After pictures after 8 weeks of a pretty strict diet modification.

We are already receiving reports that body weight has been dropped, aches and pains are disappearing and sleep times are normalizing. We have done some measurements at the half way mark and we have noticed up to 5% drop in Body Fat of our challengers! Some amazing results and plenty of smiles already.

Some times it can get rough and tough with a nutrition challenge like the Paleo challenge, but you need to stay strong to break those old habits.

CrossFit Fibre Lifestyle Challenge 1


New Coach @ Fibre
You will see a new face at Fibre on Monday mornings. Kelvin will be coaching Monday mornings at 6am. Come on in and brush up on your weight lifting as he is a technician.

Kelvin is a also a CrossFit Level 2 Certified coach and also works out of another CrossFit box 6100. He will be a valuable addition to FibreFam. Make use of him and pick his technical brain.

CrossFit Fibre Kelvin Hall1

CrossFit Fibre Kelvin Hall 2


How To Prepare For Comps
So you have prepared your mind and gotten your golden ticket for a competition. What next?
• Work with your Coach
• Attend all WODs
• Do more of what you hate
• Prepare and Plan your meals
• Make sure you have enough sleep daily
• Spend 10 minutes and more per day stretching
• Do your homework that you have been set
• Minimize party times
• Find a training buddy
• Prepare for multiple wods in a day
• Make sure you have all the gear you need
• Have a plan ready to tackle the training
• Be ready to work on your weaknesses


Comp Season Weakness Eradication
As we get into the comp season, it is now imperative that you step up your training and do the good ol’ SWOT analysis of your training and determine all the weaknesses. The essence really is knowing your weaknesses and then formulating a plan with your coach to eradicate that weakness through various regressions.

List all your most hated movements and be honest with yourself on your thoughts on if that movement bore its ugly head in a WOD, would you go “heck yeah! I got that!” or would you go “Oh Dear, this WOD is going to suck balls”. If it was the latter, you will probably need to spend a little bit more time drilling the basics and spending more time in Open Gym.

In competitions, you will only be as weak as your worst movement. So in CrossFit it is all about knowing what you suck at and working on it to make yourself a better all round athlete.

Some basic Strength movements to perform at the box on your Open Gym times are Front Squats, Deadlifts, Strict Press, Chin Ups, Bent Over Rows and Deadbugs.
Send us an email so that we can program around your weaknesses.


Member of the Month – Karolina Wolinski

CrossFit Fibre Karo Wolinski 1

In this edition, we learn a little bit more about Karo “Monaro” Wolinski another Founder of CrossFit Fibre. Starting her CrossFit journey from working with the black technique bar to now lifting 100kg in a 1RM Deadlift, this cackling diva is also one of the vital members of Team Guacamole. Here are her answers to our probing questions.

Can you tell us a bit more about yourself and what you do?
Born and raised in Perth, my family is from Poland so I consider myself both nationalities. I love life and love to talk and laugh!
I work as a Marketing Coordinator, currently for a Property Development and Real Estate company. I get to think of names for apartment buildings and write about how effervescent the Swan River is and why you want to live near it! One day I will give it up to become an Interior Designer or a full-time renovator or the owner of a hairdressing salon (so that I can have fab hair all the time).☺

Who and what inspires you?
Each and every person at Crossfit Fibre. I know it might sounds supreme-o lame-o but I continually get challenged and inspired by the people in our box. Particularly the girls – you seriously are all amazing and much stronger and fitter than you think!

Can you cook and what are your favourite dishes?
Yes I can and I usually stick to healthy recipes. I love anything with sweet potato in it (because it feels like such a treat!) and I always seem to cook chicken and fish. But when the gloves are off, all I want to cook is pasta, in particular a cherry tomato sauce with extra olive oil on top. Yuuummmm!

How would you describe your ideal day?
Sunshine, shopping, sleep-in, beach, movies, cake, chocolate, lots of laughter, Marco, friends, family, nap, pasta, pancakes, reading, cocktails, session at CFF and obviously more hours in the day!

What has CrossFit done for you?
I joined CrossFit initially to get fit before I turned 30. I had made a resolution for 2014 to be my fittest and healthiest year. And after coming in and talking to Bjorn (and seeing the size of Franco’s muscles), I knew that CrossFit Fibre was the place for me to reach that goal.☺

Most importantly, it has also finally provided consistency in my training and in my diet for the first time in my life and it has allowed me to form friendships with some truly amazing peeps!

CrossFit Fibre Karo 3

What is your favourite WOD?
There will be a lot of people that will disagree with me but I love Burn Factor! I love a good squat session. ☺

Burpees or Chin Ups?
My hands cannot withstand chin-ups, so it’s definitely burpees for me. However, I curse the person that invented burpee-chin-ups!!

What do you like most about CrossFit Fibre?
#Fibrefam. Chit chats with you guys keeps me coming back session after session no matter how tired, or sore or broken I am, when I walk in under that shutter gate everything is forgotten.

If you were to design a WOD for the coach, what would it be?
60min AMRAP
25 KB swings
25 chinups
1.1km run with a wall ball 25 walll balls
15 hand stand push-ups.

CrossFit Fibre Karo Wolinski 2


Stretch of the Month: Wall Adductor Stretch

CrossFit Fibre March Stretch Wall Adductor
The Wall Adductor stretch is a very unique kind of stretch that utilizes gravity to assist in the stretch. The longer you stay in this stretch, the more you relax, the better the stretch will be. The weight of your legs will also assist in bringing your legs closer to the floor.

If you have troubles with keeping your knees over your toes in a deep squat, feel tight in the inside of your thighs, this is a great stretch to get into. Get your book out and spend some time in this stretch.


Australia Day
And with all our traditional Australia Day celebrations, we gathered around and had a colourful gathering of sorts followed by a pot luck and small bbq.

CrossFit Fibre AusDay1

CrossFit Fibre AusDay2

CrossFit Fibre AusDay3

CrossFit Fibre AusDay4

CrossFit Fibre Colin Martin Bintang Man
And we have out own super hero Col the Bintang Man flying his fav towel!

All for now FibreFam. Till the next edition of our monthly wrap.
Stay sweaty and Paleo.