HandStand Tips and Video - CrossFit Fibre

So you want to turn your world upside down.
Some Tips for doing a Handstand:

  • Fingers are splayed. Splayed fingers give you a bigger base of support.
  • Arms locked out and pushing out. Elbows are locked out and straight.
  • Think of the finish position of the Push Press when arms are locked out at the top.
  • Stack the shoulders well.
  • Head maintains a neutral position.
  • Remember to keep your kick up leg straight.
  • Keep the hollow position tight
  • Squeeze butt cheeks and middle core
  • Keep heels together
  • Point the toes

Check out this video by Carl Paoli

What you can take away from this video is to push into a Scissor leg handstand and then slowly close out the feet. Once you can maintain balance in this position you will learn how to hold your handstand with more stability once you can find your centre balance.
Some mobility work that you can think of will be thoracic mobility. Use the foam roller to roll out the upper thoracic for better mobility.
And with everything else, practice, practice, practice.
5 mins everyday.
Find a wall, a park nearby you or borrow a friend to help you find the centre.