CrossFit Open 15.3 at Fibre - CrossFit Fibre

CrossFit Open 15.3

Today we judged in our CrossFit Open competitors.

The WOD:

14 minute AMRAP


  • 7 Muscle Ups
  • 50 Wall Balls
  • 100 Double Unders



  • 50 Wall Balls
  • 200 Single Unders


The WOD itself was a tough one with a combination of Muscle Ups, Wall Balls and Double Unders for 14 minutes. When looking at these movements, what you will find when doing this is apart from needing a good cardiovascular engine, you will need sufficient strength in both your arms and legs to continuously rep the 20lbs wall ball and carefully jump your way through 100 Double Unders.

Once you have completed your Double Unders and your shoulders were not too shot from the skipping, you next goal would be to achieve another 7 ring muscle ups which for a majority of our members who were participating in the games was a skill that had not been developed yet.
CrossFit Fibre 153 Jake Muscle Up

Executing the Muscle Up whilst fatigued is an interesting and will be disastrous to your Open campaign. After a round you will be relying on your strong kip and Superman-Hollow Rock execution to propel your shoulders above the rings. If your hips are shot from the wallballs you may have difficulty getting through these.

Overall a devious little wod with a high level of skill and capacity required. The Open is generally about testing athlete endurance early on in the games. Every now and again the games directors throw in a few complicated skills to separate the pack. But in the end it is about your overall preparation leading up to the event ands not about what you are goad at.

Have you tried 15.3 it yet?

Good luck!