CrossFit Box? Is that like Cross Training? - CrossFit Fibre

So word of mouth is the way it spreads so they say. So I am opening my gab and telling everyone that I am opening a box, a CrossFit Box. It is so interesting the response that I am getting, but its ok, I have no problem explaining what I intend to do for a living over the next few years and beyond.
Here is a sample line that I use.
“I’m opening my Box up soon in Perth, it’s a CrossFit Box. You should come down and check it out.”
Here are some sample responses that I get:
“CrossFit? Is that like Cross Training?”
“Box? As in Cross Training and Boxing?”
“Oh Cool! Do you have Treadmills and cross trainers?”
“CrossFit Boss? You are a CrossFit Boss?”
So I decided to change the approach.
“I’m starting up my own gym. Specializing in CrossFit.”
Some other responses:
“Oh yeah, do you do group classes?”
“CrossFit? Is that like a type of Cross Trainer?”
“Cool. What is CrossFit?”
“Oh Cool. Yeah! Congratulations. Yeah! Is that for weight loss? Can people who want to lose weight go to your gym?”
The responses were expected. I don’t expect everyone in the world to know what it is and I am very happy in explaining. Hopefully we can clarify any misconceptions that there may be.
CrossFit is a method. It is a trademarked name given to a way of training. It is a method of training that involves useful movements that we use everyday. It is varied, not specific to any type of training and generally gets you strong over many areas. For some it is a way of life. Eat, Sleep, CrossFit, Repeat. Talk about it, obsess about it and impress people upon it.
Cross training is varied method of training that is different to what you normally train in. Not the same as CrossFit.
The Cross Trainer is a machine in your big brand gyms that is also known in the circles as the Elliptical trainer. Its elliptical leg movements incorporating arms moving like a skier treading through thick snow makes it a formidable exercise machine. Not the same as CrossFit.
There is no boxing in CrossFit, though the idea would be great. Though it could be a bit tricky to do a CnJ with your boxing gloves on.
Usually there are no treadmills in the box. A CrossFit box is different to a normal gym. You will see more space in a CrossFit box.
Communication post workout is always going to be slurred and impaired. And sometimes words get slurred between Box and Boss. Though I would like to be the Boss of CrossFit, I dare say that that is just another flying pig dream. I can only be the Boss of my own Box.
Depending on the type of Box and the model run in there, you may or may not get group classes, though the majority of CrossFit boxes will do group classes. Some bigger than others. There are also boxes that do One on One Personal Coaching in CrossFit.
Weight loss is the end result and by product of whatever you are doing. Lifting weights, eating well and changing your lifestyle. Does CrossFit make you lose weight? Well, simply put, weight loss will come as a result of your efforts. Therefore, Yes, CrossFit will cause you to lose weight…eventually.