81214 Volume Week - CrossFit Fibre

Warm Up
400m Run/5 mins Double Unders
(Choose one or All of the Above)
Movement Flow
Volume Training
The volume training that will be used will be based on German Volume Training methods which uses 60% of a 1RM and then performing 10 reps for 10 rounds for a total of 100 reps on that movement.
Choose 2 movements preferably an upper (arms) and a lower (leg) to make a Couplet.
Start with Base Movements done in the earlier week of testing incorporating the Squat and the Deadlift.
Using the max weights from last week, find 60% of the 1RM and use that as the weight for the conditioning.
Set up your weights for the movements.
Perform 10 reps of movement 1 and the move on to perform 10 reps of movement 2.
There is no rest in between rounds, move straight into movement 1 for round 2.
Stick to the 60% and try not to scale down from this weight. Work through it with more rest.
All movements are to be strict, no kips, dips or bouncing. We are working on high quality raw strength movements.
Choose only 1 couplet of movements for the day.
Do not attempt more than 1 couplet per session.
Some possible couplet combinations would be:
Front Squat: Chin Ups (Scaled Fran)
Deadlift: Weighted Dips (Scaled Diane)
Back Squat: Strict Press/Flat Bench Row
Overhead Squat: Bench Press
Partner up for as many of these as possible especially for the Bench Press or Flat Bench Row as there are limited benches. Working with a partner means you will be able to push yourselves harder than spend less time.
All Volume training for the WODs should be done by mid Week.

Accessory Compulsory
Scapula Retraction
5×6 reps
2 second pause at the top and at the bottom
5 rounds
Hover 30 seconds
Back Extensions 20 reps
V Ups 20 reps
If you are unable to complete all the Volume training for these weeks, please add extra sessions on us to come in to complete all of this. You will need a few more per week to complete all the volume that is to be done. Else come in through on Sunday to get the work done.
Please share the gear around.
Must complete the Accessory Core workout.
Must spend at least 5-10 minutes of a cool down stretch before leaving.