6114 First Monday Back - CrossFit Fibre

Welcome back from the long holidays!
10 min Eccentric Chin Ups
10 min Find 1RM
Strict Press
60% of 1RM
Strict Press
Get the brakes on completely for the Eccentric Chins. If one of your goals is get to 1,3 or 5 chin ups, you will need to use plenty eccentric chins to get that elusive 1 chin up. Strength development takes time and progression. If the progressions are too far appart, then there is going to be a plateau in your gains that you will achieve.
New Year Resolutions and FItness Goals
We will continue to collect your New Year Fitness Resolutions at the box. Time to get your goals down on paper and have a date on it to achieve it. Send us and email if you would like our goal setting sheet.

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