5 Tips to Get Back on the CrossFit Train - CrossFit Fibre

It’s the new year. You spent the holidays eating and boozing. It happens all the time or for some it was different. Nevertheless as the party mood dies down and the reality of the grind settles back in you know you have to get yourself back into the box.

It will probably feel as tough as the day you started but do not worry. You are in the same boat as everyone else. The struggle will be real.

Set Your Goals and Your Why
Goal setting is powerful and gives you a reason to do what you do at the box. You need a reason to push yourself and the why better be strong enough or your motivation to train will wean. Find the carrot that you will chase.

Do the First Session
As easy as it may sound get the first session in and under your belt. Once you get the ball rolling, it will be a lot easier to keep your attendance regular.

Connect with other Box Members
Other box members are your training partners. Get in touch with them and buddy up with them. Buddy’s keep each other accountable and do not let each other skip leg day.

Start off with Open Gym Sessions
If the thought of a wod may be too much for you then start with an Open Gym session. Easing yourself back into it all can help you with bite sized chunks at the gym.

Watch the Video Below

“Change your habits and Change your Negative Habits”
“Step into your fears and push yourself”
“If you want something you have to be Relentless”

Now get back in the box and get your sweat on.
Today is your day and nothing is going to stop you.

If you have not tried CrossFit yet, get in contact with us and get started in CrossFit today.