301213 Last Monday of 2013 - CrossFit Fibre

Hand Stands
Complete 3, 5 second hand stands
Chest to Wall
Complete 10 Chest to Walls
Clean 3RM
10 min AMRAP
5 ChinUps
5 Deadlifts 50/30
5 Thrusters 50/30
1 min Rest
4min AMRAP
10m Burpee Broad Jump
10m Rev Bear Crawl
Our body moves in a solid unit. In order for us to understand 1 unit, we need to frequently involve ourselves in groundwork and quadraped type movements. Quadraped type movements mimic movements of animals and these allow us to understand the meaning as a “functional unit”. Coordinating your body requires your mind body connection, to move opposite arm and opposite leg, forwards, backwards and in any required direction.
As obvious as it may seem, crossfit utilises complex movements which require the engagement of many if not all muscle in the body to move or lift. Understanding engagement of muscles are therefore crucial in the ensuring the safety of the movement. Each activity can be applicable into other movements. When you can see the movements in your daily activites and be efficient in them, you have then understood fully your training in crossfit.