30114 Thur - CrossFit Fibre

Bench Press
For Reps
5mins AMRAP 1 min REST
Box Jumps
Ring Rows
Air Squats
Press Ups
Training Tips:
Bench Press
Bench Press is a widely underutilised in CrossFit and is essential to incorporate into our training. The push movement will assist with Press Up movement and some may say the Press as well, though some camps do believe that Bench Pressing and the (shoulder)Press are two skills that are independent of each other and the strengths gained are not transferrable.
Keep the Scapulas (Shoulder Blades)stable and resist the rounding and movement of the shoulders to maximise the Press.
Box Jumps
To ensure that you are able to cycle out many reps of the box jump, athletes must use the hip thrust. The focus needs to be in the power generating hip thrusts to ensure that the calves do not get fried. Oh and make sure you have a high knee tuck or knee to chest so that your feet will clear the box height. Or you will skin your knees and possibly leave a scar or two. When you land, make sure it is as quiet as possible. As you get towards the end of your WOD, it may get louder from the fatigue setting in, but try your hardest to soften the landing as the slamming will only mean impact in though your ankles and knees. Use your upper legs to land. When you stick the landing, there should be minimal noise.
Stick the land in the middle of the box. Not the side. Refer to the previous paragraph about skinning your legs from a lazy jump. Google ‘box jump injuries’ and you will know what I mean.
Ample warm ups before beginning your box jumps is important in ensuring the health of your ligaments and joints. Start with 30-50 squats.