28 Jun 15 - CrossFit Fibre

Warm up:
400m Run, Bear Crawl 2x, Gecko Crawl 2x, Wall-Bounce 10 each hand

Strength EMOM 10mins
Odd 30-45 sec Shoulder Depression Hold
Even 30-45 sec Shoulder Retraction Hold

15min AMRAP
12 Overhead Squat 60/40
12 Ring Push Ups
12 Ring Rows


Strength EMOM is a vital component in organizing your shoulders and making sure that you are working hard to build that strength to properly depress your shoulder and properly engage your lats. If you have been on the band for chin ups for a while you need this EMOM twice a week to increase that lat activation and lat strength.

Elevated shoulders in a workout achieves the rep but does not work the muscle.