2214 Rest Day - CrossFit Fibre

Another Sunday, another Rest Day with active Prowler Pushes.
Not exactly a rest day, but perhaps from the Metcon work and working on your weaknesses.
Below is a video of what went down on a lovely Sunday at the box.

Rest WOD
1 Week
8 Hours of Sleep
Here are some things to think about to assess the quality of your sleep that you get. These questions will determine the quality of sleep that you are getting which is more important than the quantity. Sometimes you may be getting those hours, but if you are not getting good sleep it is not as beneficial.
Are you planning your sleep times?
Are you getting to bed in on time?
Are you getting into a deep enough sleep?
Do you get up to go to the loo in the middle of the night?
Do you wake up refreshed or even more tired?
Is your room dark enough (pitch black) to sleep in? No street lights, muted tv flashing, bright alarm clocks flashing.
Is your room dead silent, no ticking of clocks, dripping taps, buzzing fluoro lamps?
Are your electrical appliances placed far away from your bed?
Is your phone far away from your bed?
Is the ambient temperature of your bedroom comfortable enough to sleep in?
Is your bed and pillow firm enough for you to be in the optimum posture in bed?
Is your partner snoring or elbowing you to keep you awake?
You may need to make some adjustments to ensure that you get your quality sleep by fixing some or all of the above.
Enjoy the Rest of the Week.