2015 Systems are Go! - CrossFit Fibre

Happy New Year! It is 2015! Hurrah!
As the pudding subsides and the grog detoxes from your system, you would have now realised that reality has settled in on you, but you had a bloody good time! If you have not already sat down and reflected upon your eventful and glorious 2014 that had just passed, then you would very quickly realise the next void of 2015 that you must fill and the one thousand micro goals that you need to set for the next even-more-glorious new year.
Some Important changes to the Timetable and Pricing that you all should know:
Timetable Changes
We have some new times available. Please check these times and see if they suit you.
Monday 7pm WOD
For those who cannot make the 6pm WODs. These classes start 19th Jan.

Wednesday Gymnastics @ 6pm
Get your gymnastics skills on. Drills and Skills to improve your body movements.
Wednesday Weight Lifting @ 7pm
Weight Lifting is an important skill to drill in CrossFit.

Open Gym Times
Everyday at 5.30pm is Open Gym for everyone to come down and get their Open Gym time in.

Sunday Open Gym
Still on in amongst the Fundamentals Classes

Fundamentals Classes
Fundies are now on Saturday and Sunday.
Pricing Changes

  • Carbon Nano or Unlimited Session Prices are now $220 per 4 weeks
  • All membership packages are now billed per 4 weekly basis.
  • 10 session Pass is now $220 and valid for 2 months

Upcoming Events:
Games Open Registration
15 January
It is almost time for the annual event of the year. The CrossFit Games Open.
This is where we pit ourselves against everybody else in the world.
A must do event for all FibreFam.
Fibre Fundamentals
17, 18, 24, 25 January
Get Started in CrossFit.
FibreFam if you know of anyone who has talked about getting started in CrossFit, send them this link so that they can get in touch.
This year is the year to get everyone’s fitness back on.
For more information go here: Getting Started in CrossFit

Australia Day Dress Up WOD
26 Jan Monday
Drop on in for a 9am WOD.
Plot Twist – Fancy Dress
Dress up in your Aussie day outfit.
No heels if you are wodding.
More information to come soon.
Riverside Jam
7 & 8 February
One of the biggest CrossFit events to start the year off in Perth. CrossFit Chamber is hosting the Riverside Jam which will be on the 7 and 8th February and this is going to be pretty epic outdoor crossfit comp. Come and check the boys compete in the event. We have 6 ready to rumble. It will be one heck of a day. Plenty of the fittest bodies in Perth and some amazing business vendors. Come see what years of CrossFit can do to your physical performance. Come see the future you.
Well we hope you will have questions in your minds answered. Get in contact if you have any more. Take care and see you in the box!