100314 Monday - CrossFit Fibre

Post 14.2 and it was a tough one. If you did not have the overhead squat or the chest to bar, this WOD would see you stop dead in your tracks. Another low scoring one you may think?
But hey think about your next open prep which will include being very skilled in all the movements. That is what we are all about. Being skilled in everything. Do not forget that the games are now catering for a highly skilled bunch of Crossfitters around the world and every year, we would expect the bar to be set high.
And even if the WOD had to be scaled, it would give you a fair idea of the “suckness” of the WOD itself. The unpleasantness of the burn almost felt like a Fran almost similar movements minus the wrist bending effects of a fatigued Thruster.
And just like any other Chin Up WOD, the skin ripping factor is very high. Just check out Camille’s hands after her second go at the WOD.

Well done to Pete who had a go for the WOD and also got 2 first Bar Muscle Ups with a little bit of tweaking. Well done Pete! Once you get a taste of 2, you will want more.
Clean & Jerk
3 Rounds; 1 rep, 2 reps, 3 reps
Front Squat
Push Press
Stay tuned for Friday for the next update on the next instalment of the Open Games. Every week we be looking forward like kids in a candy shop. There should be some relatively heavy movements in there soon, though it is hard to tell. You can never guess what is going on in Dave’s mind.