10 Jul 15 - CrossFit Fibre

Warm up:
400m Run, Movement Flow

Best Time from 5:
400m Sprint and/or 500m Row
Rest 60 seconds
Follow up Run/Row with
Max Flat Ring Rows

Record best time for 400m and or 500m Row.
Rest for 60 seconds and follow up the Run or Row with a Max Ring Row with elevated feet.
Record All Max Ring Row numbers for every round.
Rest as needed for next all out effort.
Choose to do all Runs or all Rows only depending on your injury or “nigglies”.

A 400m Run means 4x100m sprints bundled up into 1 all out sprint. You should reach the finish line with a butt full of fire in your legs and lungs.

Have a bucket ready, absolutely no eating 1 hour before session. Regrets you will have.