060414 Sunday Burpee Marathon - CrossFit Fibre

1000 Burpees for Time (Distrubed Ppl Only)
Cardio purgatory.
The hated word of all training clients.
The favorite exercise for all trainers.
No matter what you try and say, there is no hiding the plain ol homest truth that the Burpee is by far the most effective exercise anyone who has a floor can do. The simple act of dropping down to the floor and then rising back uo to the standing position and a little jump off the floor is enough to get your heart racing if you do enough of them. And by enough we are talking about the hundreds.
Today we thought of doing a few, a thousand in fact, yes 1000 of these soul crunching movements that if you have ADD, will give up in 5 reps. But for us, we had a point to prove, we do not turn down a challenge and when a challenge is laid down, we have to give it a good crack. I think I may have to limit the challenge acceptances to 1 per month.