Top 10 CrossFit Movements to Master for the Open 2018 - CrossFit Fibre


Over the last years we have seen a similar trend of movements that will come out repeatedly in the Open. These are the movements used in the past Opens to date. And since the Open is usually a test of capacity, it is important to note that these movements need to be practiced at high reps. The list of the movements are below.

Here is the list of the Top 10 CrossFit movements to Master and the number of times it has been seen in the previous Opens. The Top movements are in no particular order.

1. Toes To Bar – 6
2. Muscle Ups- 6
3. Double Unders – 6
4. Thrusters – 6
5. Wall Balls– 6
6. Chest To Bar Pull Ups – 6
7. Snatch (Full / Power) – 6
8. Deadlifts – 5
9. Box Jumps – 4
10. Burpees (Bar Facing / Regular) – 5
11. Overhead Squats – 3
12. Clean & Jerk – 3
13. Clean (Power / Full) – 3
14. Calorie Row – 2
15. Push Ups – 1
16. Push Press – 1
17. Overhead Barbell Walking Lunge -1
18. Shoulder To Overhead – 1
19. Hand Stand Push Ups – 2
20. Dumbbell Clean – 1
21. Dumbbell Snatch -1
22. Dumbbell Walking Lunge – 1

Practice the top 10 consistently as they will be the most popular ones to be tested. EMOMs are great to get you in shape with these workouts. Set yourself a specific rep count and work consistently over a set time frame with a little bit of rest like interval training.

Know which one hurts you the most? Time to start getting comfortable with those movements. That is the one you need to get comfortable with…ie more practice with or develop tolerance to that particular movement, (Remember 17.5 with 90 reps of Thrusters at 43/29?).

Get training with some EMOMs. EMOMs stand for Every Minute on the minute training sessions that last from 6 – 40 minutes depending on the intention of the session. EMOMs are very versatile and millions of combinations can be developed with them and with the right loading and rep scheme can be highly effective in developing your strength or capacity for the upcoming workouts.

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