How to do the 4 Presses - CrossFit Fibre

Learning the Presses can be a bit tricky. The movement starts from a barbell on your rack to a finished position of extended arms above your head. They look quite similar but are very different in movements and standards. We will be able to take a look at these movements with images that will help you differentiate the various presses that we do in CrossFit.

The Press or Strict Press.

Strict Press

The Strict Press is a

The Push Press

The Push Jerk

The Split Jerk

The Differences in between all the presses.

As you move across the list above from left to right, you will be able to move a lot more weight with each lift as you are able to use your legs with dips and jerks.

Pay attention to the finish as well for the rep to count. Locked out knees and hips and show control of the bar.

We can take you through the Fundamentals Workshop and get you learning these movements in a jiffy. Do send us and email and we can organise a private session for you or with a friend to get you up to speed with these movements.

Thank you to CrossFit Judges Course who had these amazing images. Borrowed them from the course.