Setting Goals for Yourself - CrossFit Fibre

Goal setting is an important part of your training at CrossFit Fibre.
Knowing what you want to achieve and having clear goals in mind will assist you in your journey.
You need to have a clear map to where you want to get to.
Thinking about it is not enough. You need to write it down and put it out there into the universe.
You need to know the journey the plan, the time frame. Be as detailed as possible and as clear as crystal with what you want. The clearer your goals are the easier it is for us to structure a plan for you.
Please fill in the form below and click on Submit and the form will get to us. We will keep a copy of this and you will be notified once you have achieved your goals. Feel free to resend us another copy of your goals if you feel you have new goals to complete or achieve. These goals change with your crossFit journey as you may have accomplished them or reached them. Awesome work, now set another goal or ten.



Never stop wishing to be better than now. It is the only way that you can become better. Always strive to be a little bit better than yesterday.
Never stop trying.
Never give up.

You can do anything you set your mind to.
Unleash your mind.