Practical Applications of the Squat Stretch - CrossFit Fibre

With the Squat Therapy week we are looking at the Full Squat which can be improved by a simple Squat Stretch. Now the Squat Stretch is vital to your Squat, obviously, but when do you do it and do people actually do it.
As part of homework, everyone needs to do some Squat Stretching in the day. Some key points to remember, hips under the knee, heels on the ground, knees outside toes, tail bone out and maintaining lower back arch.
But then the argument is I don’t have the time, I never get a chance to do it, I’m so busy, I am too damn sore to do it or I can’t even get down that low. Just try it a little bit at a time. Maybe not as low at first but gradually. Not everyone can just get onto the rings and perform a muscle up straight away, the same goes for the squat stretch.
If we run with the let’s do a little bit at a time, then we can include it into daily life. “What? An applicable Squat Stretch into daily life?” you may say.
So here are some daily things that you may or may not do that you could add a Squat Stretch into it.
Everybody gets a call every now and again. Getting touched in the ear is such a nice thing. Have a chat with your mates in the best possible position.
And when you are smartphoning, which most of us spend plenty of time doing, multitasking these two tasks can be extremely valuable.
Coffee, tea or me? Drink in style.
Working on a Laptop, yup covered.
Instead of sitting down at your table and reading a paper, just squat and read it.
Just because you have a chair, does not mean you have to sit on it. And if you are in the toilet having a poop, try the squat on the toilet technique. But make sure that your toilet bowl is safety rated and can handle your weight, otherwise there is this contraption called the ‘squatty potty’ that raises your legs of the floor to mimic the squat on a normal toilet seat.
And when it finally comes to the weekends when you get together with mates, get them to gather round in a circle of squats and have your beers. Who says you cannot have a good time and benefit out of it either?
Remember though, it is about the amount of time that you spend in that position that counts. The longer the better. Once your squat improves, you will be able to get to the depth where you will reduce the incidence of the dreaded ‘no rep’ call by your coach or judge. Now with these practical applications, you can get more out of your day and add more time to your squat stretching.
Have an awesome weekend.