Power Snatch - CrossFit Fibre

The Power Snatch is a powerful weight lifting movement that we use frequently in CrossFit. It is also the sexiest movement in CrossFit.

Executed correctly, there is no other movement that will give you more satisfaction than a heavy Power Snatch or work your physiology harder than a jog.

Floor to Knees
A controlled deadlift from the floor to your knees. Maintain as much strength through the initial part of this lift. Spine must be as neutral as possible for maximal power production in the next section of the lift.

Knees to Hip Crease
Start increasing bar speed, maximum power production at ‘pockets’.
Full flex of muscles in legs jumping the bar upwards.

Hip Crease to Shoulders
At your full stand, chest up high, lift your elbows bending them to shoulder height.
Hips should be fully opened here.

Shoulders to Overhead
Start pulling yourself under the bar.
Lock out arms and press hard against the bar.
Hips should be bent or closed here.
Stand the bar up with your legs.