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HIIT. The possible new buzz word? New buzz workout? Not quote. But it is gaining popularity around the world with its short little bursts of high intensity movements that promote fat burning, improves your strength and fitness very quickly depending on the structure of the workouts.

Interval Training has been around for ages. A highly effective method of working out, it breaks up the workout that you are doing into easy to achieve chunks of work. Breaking the work out into chunks means more rest for you (sorta) but the intensity must be higher to get the same effect of it being of a longer duration.

Coaches from CrossFit Fibre, Laura and Jess ran a couple of those classes in the city in conjunction with Lululemon’s Community Workout. These sessions are free and on 21 October 2014 and 28th October 2014, both Laura and Jess will be at the Supreme Court gardens running these HIIT classes.

Were you a participant?

If you were part of the group HIIT class last week (21st October) and for this week, please take some time and fill in the feedback form below. Your feedback is important to us and we thank you for it.


Remember to get down to the Supreme Court Gardens tomorrow 28th October 2014 for another HIIT session with Laura and Jess.
We would like to thank Lululemon Perth City for allowing us to be part of their wonderful community of healthy minds.

We will be running HIIT classes beginning the month of November. Please send us an email if you are interested in participating in one of our HIIT classes.
Contact us here.



Launching in 2017, our version of HIIT, Redline!

Check the video out below of our class tasters.