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Frantic Day Out
FibreFam went into Frantic Day Out.
Danielle Sherwood
Gary Delaney

Jake Sutton
Peter Devlin
Keith McKinney
Richard Clancy

Day 1
In day 1, we were out in the beautiful Gloucester Park. The weather was warm, a little hot in the morning but turned beautiful overcast and cloudy in the afternoon. If anything it was one the best days for an outdoor workout in Perth.

Our Beginner Men and Women went out hard and fast. Gary held on well at the start but was unable to complete the final WOD from an already fried core from the previous 3 WODs. Good stuff Gary!

CrossFit Fibre FibreFam Gary Delaney 1

A great result for Dani in the Beginner Women’s division. Finishing top 3 in 4 wods, Dani only just got pushed out of 1st place position in the last WOD. The barbell finisher. Nevertheless, Dani, moved with much grace through the WODs and should hold her head up high from an outstanding performance.

CrossFit Fibre FibreFam Dani Sherwood 3

Awesome work Dani, your hard work has paid off and no doubt you are such a pink haired hard ass bad ass. Can’t wait to see what you are capable of in 2016.

Our Intermediate boys were working hard in a very strong Intermediate pool. Jake, Keith, Peter and Richie battled hard the whole morning pushing as hard as the prickles and the flu that was stunting Jake’s style. After an average first 2 WODs for the boys, things started to heat up and the boys picked up the game in 3 and 4 to finish in the high tens.

CrossFit Fibre FibreFam Peter Devlin

CrossFit Fibre FibreFam Jake Sutton

At the end of Day 1, the Intermediate Men were sitting at
Rich 5
Keith 13
Jake 20
Pete 27

Day 2
Intermediates went back to CrossFit Frantic to compete in day 2 of the comp. And they started off with Greedy Isabel, Rxd can choose their weights up to 85kg for total kgs. Intermediates were on 50/35. The boys came out with guns blazing, with Richie blazing in at 1 min 24 secs. Amazing time for second spot on the leader board. Keith, Jake and Pete slowly advanced up the ladder with their solid finishes in WOD 1.
CrossFit Fibre Frantic Day Out 2b

WOD 2 saw a medley of Deadlifts, Burpees, Cleans, Burpees, Deadball Shoulders, Kettlebell Swings. Starting at 2mins, 1min rest, 3mins in Reverse, 1min rest and 4mins from the start again. Great little WOD and this was where you see who had better conditioning.

CrossFit Fibre Frantic Day Out 2h

CrossFit Fibre Frantic Day Out 2e

CrossFit Fibre Frantic Day Out 2f

WOD 3 was a tough Frantic Special that was similar to last years long list of movements that included a 400m run, Ring Dips, Assault Bike Calories, Handstand Push Ups, Farmer Carry’s, Yolks and 50 Double Unders. At this point, only the top 8 were in this WOD with our man Richie holding on to 3rd place a possible podium finish.

CrossFit Fibre Frantic Day Out 2g

With our little strategy in place, Richie pushed through the WOD and powered through the 4 place and made sure of his pacing in 3rd place and was the only athlete in the Intermediate who completed his 10 Handstand Push Ups strict and in under 1 minute.

Final Standings at the end of Day 2:
Richie 3rd Place
Keith Mckinney 12th
Jake Sutton 19th
Peter Devlin 27th

CrossFit Fibre Frantic Day Out 2a

At the end of the day, Richie held on to 3rd place overall in the Men’s Division and podiumed. Congratulations Richie, you showed true beastiness and showed them what it is to have heart and work so, so hard. Well done on your achievements!

CrossFit Fibre Richie Frantic Day Out Intermediate Men Runner Up