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Good to have you here reading our latest news ūüôā

Where did March and April go? We have said goodbye to beach days and rugged ourselves up in jumpers and scarves! Do not let the colder and shorter days bring your motivation down. Quite the contrary, embrace the cold and keep up with your training and healthy eating habits. Do not make Winter an excuse to slow down, to get out and about and be your normal self. Keep coming to the box, you have a whole lot of us here day in day out to keep you coming back, energised and motivated. All you need to do is show up.

In this edition,

  • PB Galore for March and April!
  • Congratulations Tim and Claire for being our members of the month! Find our more about our power couple below!
  • Events that took place at the box and around
  • May Birthdays


Personal Bests (PBs)

Full board of PBs for both months. Very exciting when we smash PBs, add 2 kgs to our snatch, get that first chin up, that first double under. First rope climbs for many in April were also celebrated!

Congratulations everybody!


March  PBs

CF Fibre March PBS


April PBs

CF Fibre April PBS


Members of the Month – Claire & Timothy Darch

Tim Claire CrossFit Fibre

This power couple have been with us since Sept 2014 and have grown from strength to strength. You can only find them in the 6am classes and the occasional MegaWOD as they have a pretty busy social calendar and sporting itinerary in the evenings.

Tim is the morning Dynamo who normally sets the pace for the boys in the arvo and strong in the runs. When he is on form, Tim crushes the body weight biased wods.

Claire is a quiet achiever with the occasional cackle-shriek if she is unable to complete her chin up rep. She is also a strong lifter and she has finally converted to wearing a pair of CrossFit shoes instead of her Mizunos.

  • Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

We’ve been together for 11 yrs, and married for the last 2.5. We met in first year uni, whilst doing the same degree- Sports Science. I’m originally from a farming town in the central Wheatbelt, and Tim’s a Perth local.

We have two cats, Mischka the Russian and Meg the Burmese. Tim’s an Occupational Therapist, specialising in hand and upper limb and I’m a Health and Safety Advisor.¬†

We are:

  • collectors of good red wine and craft beer
  • self proclaimed coffee snobs
  • weekend brunch enthusiasts¬†
  • club sport members since junior days, Guildford Mundaring Hockey Clubs, and Sterling Saints Netball respectively.¬†
  • Who and what inspires you?

C- Everyone in their own way- my family, my friends, the Fibre Fam. I take bits from all aspects to help inspire and push me every day. 

T Рcompetition inspires me, seeing everyone work hard makes you want to work just as hard. 

  • Can you cook and what are your favourite dishes?

C- Tim and I have a now infamous cooking schedule during the winter months when he’s at hockey Tues and Thurs and I’m at netball on Wednesdays. We have the schedule in place with the aim that no man goes hungry because they’re out exercising. It works!! I pretty much try a new meal most times i cook, because I have the time and I can. Coming from a farm originally, and growing up with two brothers, I have a soft spot for meat and 3 veg.

T Рas above, although I like a good steak and my spaghetti bolognese. 

  • How would you describe your ideal day?

C- a walk with Tim to get coffee and breakfast, a free afternoon to do whatever, then a catchup with friends for dinner and drinks.

T – probably the same as the above but throw in time to relax at home or at a bar with a nice beer.

  • What has CrossFit done for you?

C- Crossfit has made me more confident in myself then ever before- I love the idea that from the outside it might not look like I can do much… but I secretly know that if I had to, I probably could 😊

It’s also introduced me to a bunch of great people!

T РCrossfit has helped keep me fit over the off season and given me confidence that my body can keep going despite age. It really helped with repetitive sprint ability and endurance. 

  • What are the advantages / disadvantages of doing CrossFit with your partner?

C- one of the advantage of doing CF together is the mutual interest that it’s created between us. At 5.40 in the morning, on the way to CF, there is zero talk… but by 7.10, post WOD, we talk at length about how good/hard the WOD was, techniques, PB’s, etc.¬†

We both now also have a mild addiction to buying Crossfit related footwear and apparel.. you could put that in the negative part too for the effect it has on our bank balance $$$

The disadvantages are few, but maybe when Tim is injured and not going to CF he isn’t too gracious about the fact that he gets to sleep in whilst I’m up at 5.30…¬†

T Рhelps having someone to go along with because guaranteed at least one of us will motivate the other to go along. 

The disadvantage is the injuries side of things because you are still woken up by the other person leaving at 5:30 in the morning.

C- Jerk 😉

  • What is your favourite WOD? Or what would be your favourite WOD if you could program it?

C- favourite WOD would be DT at this stage, or maybe Grace. I’m not adverse to a bit of a run either. It’s hard to single out WODs though, as as much as I might dislike them immediate post WOD, give me a day and I’ll be singing their praises.

T – anything body weight chins ups, box jumps, burpees etc., 3 or 4 different movements in the WOD with some running in there and lasting at least 12-20 minutes.

  • Burpees or Chin Ups?

C- either, maybe a little more burpee then chin.

T – Either, maybe a little more chin up than burpee though.

  • What do you like most about CrossFit Fibre?

C- the people, the coaches, the atmosphere- even at 6am in the morning, and especially on mega WOD nights. Having recently completed a few WODs at different boxes in the States, it’s made me realise the Fibre has something special going on.¬†

T – everyone is always welcoming and gives each other encouragement, it really is like a team sport even though it is scored individually. You train hard against each other knowing that you will have a laugh/complain/chat about the workout afterwards and when the time comes to represent Fibre at a comp everyone pulls together as a team.

  • Any final thoughts?

C & T- Don’t be afraid of the 6am start! It really energises you for the rest of the day and provides opportunities for a 2nd session if your super keen!

CrossFit Fibre TIM

CF FIbre Claire


The CrossFit Games Open 2016

The CrossFit Games Open 2016 kicked off in March for 5 weeks. We performed the workouts on Friday nights and what an incredible 5 nights they have been. We have an incredible turn out of athletes and members, friends and family members who all came down to support and lap into the electric atmosphere. We are so proud of those who signed up and gave the workouts a crack. Everyone pushed beyond what they thought was achievable and that is the beauty of the games and CrossFit in general. The games gave you that extra push to go further as you are being watched! Could not be any prouder of you all and how our community came together on those Fridays. Bring on next year!

Open CrossFit Fibre


Crossline results

We raised about $1,500 for Crossline. Great effort for our very first event to raise awareness and funds for Lifeline Australia. The best performing male and female were Richard Clancy from CrossFit Fibre and Caroline from Enliven CrossFit. Well done both!


Easter MegaWOD – 22 March

Murph in teams

Teams of 6

1.1 km Run
Synchronised 100 Pull Ups
Synchronised 200 Push Ups
Synchronised 300 Squats
1.1 km Run

[Everyone to do the run; Movements are done in pairs]

What a fun evening this was! The box was packed with 40+ bodies and there were lots of laughs, hard work, team work, and chats over good food. This is what we are all about, building a community of healthy, physically and mentally strong, hard working, disciplined individuals who motivate and support each other, whilst giving their bodies and minds the benefits that exercise provides. Another night to remember!

Easter mega WOD CrossFit Fibre Crossfit Fibre Easter mega WOD CrossFit Fibre


Inhouse Comp – 2 April

Our very first inhouse comp to get some friendly competition going on and push our members to explore their limits. The day started with some nervous looks on some who have never done a comp before! However it was not long before the adrenaline kicked in and we saw our first timers smash the WODs! Massive proud moments as we saw them complete the workouts, which were nothing short of being challenging, as prescribed. Congratulations to our Rx boys who stepped it up that day. There were many proud moments with many smashing their goals. Well done everybody. Thank you to all those who came down for cheers and our volunteers who helped to judge and make the day a success!


CrossFIt Fibre FaceOff Winners and Participants

Dave Kelly CrossFit Fibre

Frances CrossFit Fibre

Rx Boys CrossFit Fibre

Matt Luuwi CrossFit Fibre



Philip Clint CrossFit Fibre

Janine CrossFit Fibre


Swan Valley Tour – 10 April

Much anticipated day out in the valley for FibreFam!

We woke up to a beautiful Sunday – blue skies and not a drop of rain (after it poured all day the day before!). Much excitement could be felt as we all waited impatiently at the box for our bus to arrive!

Well our bus was about twenty minutes late due to a flat battery but hey other than that, everything went smoothly!

First stop was Houghton where we had 5 wine tastings, followed by lunch at Mandoon’s stunning Beer Garden. Some opted for wine tasting after lunch whilst others already knew what tickled their fancy and ordered some bottles at the table! Their rose is one of our favourite! After Mandoon, we were off to Mash Brewery for a beer and cider stop! Then off to one of our favourites – Lancaster. There we had 7 delicious wines to taste and enjoyed the beautiful sceneries and weather that Perth has to offer. We finished off with The Kimberley Rum distillery. Plenty of cocktails were on offer or on the rocks if you prefer.

What a ripper of a day! Some souvenirs below!

Crossfit fibre swan vally tour



The Gladiator Games 23-24 April

Pete, Callum, Jake and Dani represented Fibre at The Gladiator Games and did awesome. Jake and Dani managed to qualify into the Top 16 on Saturday which saw them go back on Sunday for the Face Off. Both made it to The Top 8, smashing some PBs along the way with Dani getting a 60kg power clean and 62.5kg jerk and Jake with a 112.5kg jerk. Congratulations all of you for getting out there and pushing through!

CF Fibre Gladiator AllCF Fibre Gladiator DaniCF Fibre Gladiator Sprint


May Birthdays

CF Fibre May Birthdays

Looking forward…

Three v Three Showdown 4-5 June

Those who have put a team together, make sure to come down on Friday 7pm for Performance class this month, or Sunday open gym times.