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Welcome to our February edition! It’s been a great few weeks as we continued with our Strength and Conditioning cycle for the first 3 weeks before moving on to heavy barbell conditioning on the last week. S&C is essential to incorporate in your training to get you stronger for WODs, for other sports and for life in general. Remember you are not training for a comp or a season. Training is part of your lifestyle for a healthier life and CrossFit is not about getting you smashed after each and every session. We want you to get stronger, more independent and healthier. And stronger you are all getting but not only stronger but also faster. The PB board was one of the biggest ones we have ever had! Well done everybody. February also marked the beginning of The CrossFit Open games 2016. What an exciting month it has been. Let’s relive it below.



We have added a 7.45AM Saturday class and it has been hugely popular which is great! Now we are able to have more members on that day and the early birds are happy to be home by 9.15AM! For those who prefer to sleep in on weekends, our 9AM class is the answer! It’s been awesome to see so many of you start your weekend with a session at the box.

crossfit fibre fibrefam

crossfit fibre fibrefam


February PBs

AMAZING work everybody! So good to see so many gains on so many levels – strength, speed, endurance, stamina, skills!

Adele – 12 unbroken kipping Pulls Ups
Amy – 50kg Split Jerk
Audrey – 45kg Split Jerk
Charlie – 45kg Split Jerk
Dani – 9 unbroken kipping pull ups, 40kg 2RM Power Snatch, 1KM Assault bike 2:28, 1.1KM Run 4:49, 44 DU, 20 Cal Ski Erg 1:45, 500M Row 1:48
Dave – Rope Climbs x3
Eva – 53 DU, 60kg Split Jerk
Fiona – 52.5kg Split Jerk
Jake – 110kg Split Jerk, 3RM Split Jerk 100kg, 107kg CNJ, 3RM Ring Muscle Up with 5kg vest, free standing HSPU, Double Isabel 10:36
Janine – 40kg Power Clean, 36.5kg Split Jerk
Jason – 55kg weighted Push Up
Jess – 1KM assault bike 2:57; 500m Row 2:01, DT RX 16:40
Kayleene – 500M Row 2:00
Keith – 3RM Deadlift 190kg, 2RM Power Snatch 75kg, 3RM Split Jerk 100kg, 2RM Paralette HSPU
Kym – 52 DU, 60kg Split Jerk
Lou – Rope Climb
Luuwi – 3RM Deadlift 190kg, 3RM Split Jerk 100kg, 110kg CNJ
Marco – 50 DU, 100kg 5RM deadlift
Matt Crollick – 45kg weighted push up, 1RM Backsquat 115kg, 400m Run 1:07
Matt Stafford – 1RM Deadlift 190kg, 3RM Deadlift 180kg, 5RM Backsquat 95kg, 3RM Front Squat 100kg, 500m Row 1:42
Michelle – Double under
Moana – 20 DU, 50kg Slit Jerk
Peter S – 3RM Front SquatT 55kg
Ronice – 35kg Snatch, 2:02 500m row
Sheryl – double under
Sonya – 5 DU
Taryn – 54kg Push Press, 54kg Power Clean
Tash – 47.5kg Split Jerk, Power Snatch 32.5kg, 3RM Split Jerk 42.5kg
Tim – 20 unbroken butterfly Pull Ups, 45 DU
Baba – 70kg Split Jerk, 3RM Pull Up with green band

CrossFit Fibre February PBs



Jake is a hard working and committed athlete who is living proof that success comes with hard work. Generally at the box 6 times a week, his journey has been exceptional. He has demonstrated a lot of patience and resilience in the early days when he came to us in the aftermath of a shoulder injury and spent months rehabilitating that shoulder without touching a barbell. These days and his sporting background have forged him into one of our most competitive athletes. His accomplishments include taking second place at The Underground Games in 2015.

We are very proud of you Jake! We know you are set for great things to come.

CrossFit Fibre Jake

Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?
I’m a 21 year old ceiling fixer that has played nearly every sport imaginable from AFL to basketball to American football. I have not only represented WA in 4 sport being baseball, basketball, athletics and American football but have also represented Australia in American football. I’m your typical 21 year old that eats like an elephant and has a horrible diet. I sleep way too much and probably drink way too much.

Who and what inspires me?
All the people at the gym inspire me I wish I could have abit of everything of everyone, the all-roundness of Keith, the engine of Richie, the brute strength of Jason and Luuwi, the grip strength and running ability of Keith, Matt’s bar muscle up skill, Jess ability to beat herself into the ground to do something new, the knowledge of Bjorn, everybody here inspires me a different way to want to be the best athlete I can.

Can I cook what are your favourite dishes?
I have zero kitchen ability what so ever. I can probably cook you some amazing mi goreng but besides that I’m a lost cause. I’m a big fan of pizza though!

How would I describe my ideal day?
Sleep in so I don’t have to wake up before the sun decides to, mess around at home with a few things, go into the gym to play around abit, go hangout with my mates and do some sort of activity then have a nap (napping is essentials) then probably back in to play around with the 6 o’clock class at night.

Great achievements so far?
In CrossFit my greatest achievement would be finishing second in the open category at The Underground Games; was a hard day and a very tough comp. My favourite achievement would be captaining WA to the State Gridiron Xhampionship and being name as a player of the tournament in my position.

What has CrossFit done for you?
When I first walked in the gym I was about 20kg heavier and couldn’t get my arm above my head after having a really major shoulder reconstruction. With the help of Bjorn and classes I was able to not only regain my movement but become bigger, stronger and faster then I’ve ever been which has translated over to my sport which I noticed last year taking out 3rd in my footy best and fairest and MVP of my basketball comp. It’s given me somewhere to put all my crazy built up energy from the day.

What is your favourite WOD?
I’m a big fan of grace and Isabel oly lifting movements are my favourite thing to do so I really cannot split them!

Burpees or chin-ups?
Chin-ups all day every day, strict Kipling butterfly I don’t care. This is a silly question nobody likes burpees.

What do you like most about CrossFit Fibre?
I love the fact that we are one big family. We keep coming back to beat ourselves into the ground everyday and we help push each other to be greater. I love the fact that I can’t go in and be tight with guys like Pete and Luuwi and Keith and Callum who are all older than me and Karo and Jess can teach me about stuff before I was born. I can never go back to a normal gym now because nothing compares to working out with you crazy hooligans. It’s a pleasure knowing you all.

crossfit fibre Jake

CrossFit Fibre Jake



It was so great to have our kids classes back on this month. There is something really special about teaching the next generation the importance of exercise in their lives. Getting them to squat, jump, move from a young age will only help them towards adopting a healthy and active lifestyle as they grow up.

We have 2 age groups at the moment: 5 to 8 years old and 9 to 12 years old.

Our teens come to our Tuesday or Thursday 5pm classes, which are smaller and where our attention can be focused on them.

Crossfit fibre Kids

crossfit fibre kids

crossfit fibre kids

crossfit fibre kids

Crossfit fibre kids



On Saturday 20 Feb, Crossline fundraising WOD was held at the box. Amazing atmosphere at the box, great performances by all and awesome support from everyone. Thank you guys for supporting Lifeline.

The Crossline wod was also performed in 22 other boxes around WA to raise funds for Lifeline 13 11 14. As we gather the boxes and results, we will announce the total funds collected and the athletes who will be proceeding to the Lifeline Brunch on the 20th of March.






On Sunday 28 Feb, we launched our very first Pilates class. We had a full class of 20 and it was great to relax, re-center, re-align and stretch. With our busy schedules, we sometimes fail to make time to slow down so this was the perfect class to do so.

We thank you all for coming and for your feedback. Stay tuned for our next class which will be on Sunday 13th March 7.30AM. If you would like to book your spot, please email us at

CrossFit Fibre Pilates



We are pleased to let you know we have coaches onboard if you or anyone you know needs personal / one-on-one training. We understand CrossFit classes can seem intimidating especially for those who have never exercised before or have not in a while, and/or are after a tailored program at your own time. Whether you are looking at kickstarting your exercise routine, get fitter and stronger, we have qualified Personal Trainers on board, including Head coach Bjorn and Coach Danielle. Together they have over 20 years of experience in personal training so be assured that you will be in good hands.

If you are looking for a trainer for your kids, look no further. Coach Jess, our CrossFit Kids Head Coach is available to train children from 5 to teens. She is also has her National Police Clearance Certificate and a Working With Children Check.

crossfit fibre kids

crossfit fibre kids


CrossFit Open

Join us every Friday night at 7PM for the Open. We have 20 registered athletes from Fibre who have taken the plunge to challenge themselves this year. 16.1 was an exceptionally long WOD and it was great to see everyone push and leave nothing on the floor. Come down to watch and show your support on Friday! Bring food and drinks to help you with the cheering!

crossfit fibre Kym IMG_2765

crossfit fibre Taryn




Happy Birthday to our March babies: Simon, May, Matt Stafford, Joe, Catherine & Claire!



Join us for our Easter WOD on Tuesday 22nd March at 6.30PM!

MegaWODS mean we are combining our 6PM and 7PM classes into one big class. This way you get to workout with someone different and meet the rest of Fibrefam! We love our megaWODs so we hope you will all be able to come down. The Brazilian food truck, Guerilla Foods will be there to feed us after; make sure you bring cash for food.

If this is going to be an extra class to your current membership, feel free to come in and pay $20. Come and play with everybody!

CrossFit Fibre Easter MegaWOD


The 3 R’s of Habit Change

I have come across James Clear by chance and have been relishing at some of his articles. One of his guides in particular gained my attention: Transform your habits. For many it is hard to stick to good habits – exercise, healthy food and lifestyle. The balance at many times feels compromised, you don’t always have the motivation. What will help us get through this lull are our habits, simply.

Here are the 3 R’s that will help us to stick to habits:

  • Reminder (the trigger than initiates the behaviour)
  • Routine (the behaviour itself, the action it takes)
  • Rewards (the benefit you gain from doing the behaviour)

Step 1: Use a current habit as a reminder for the new one

Step 2: Make your habits incredibly easy to start

Step 3: Always reward yourself

The recipe for sustained success:

  1. Decide the type of person you want to be
  2. Prove it to yourself with small wins

The right habit, when done consistently, can impact your life in many ways.

Our Fibrefam community is here to support you. Your coaches are there if you need them. We are all committed to getting you healthier and better. You need to take that first step and get into a habit of coming to the box to exercise. The box is full of encouraging, supportive, fun, funny, entertaining, strong and positive individuals whose energy, knowledge and personalities bounce off each other. We are here to help you get into a habit that will change your life for the better. You just need to make it through those roller doors.

If you are interested in reading the whole guide, here is the link to this gem: Transform your habits

crossfit fibre Luuwi

crossfit fibre fibrefam



What about this decadent looking yet free from nasties, raw chocolate cashew slice for Easter gatherings? Give it a go and let me know how it was!

From The Whole Daily

CrossFit Fibre Raw Recipe



2 April : Fibre Face-Off, our very first inhouse competition!

3 Divisions- Beginner, Intermediate, Rx

$10 per entry.

1 solid day of fun.

Start training more and get in touch with the coaches on your weaknesses today. Filling in those gaps will allow you to be a more well rounded athlete when it comes to competitions.

Fibre face off



Have a great March and make everyday count! See you at the box!

Crossfit fibre Comfortable