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Spring, a time for fresh starts, new beginnings and planting the seeds of change.

With spring comes new resolutions. We realize summer is only 3 months away and warmer days mean less clothing and we will need to show our pale body parts. It seems we all are ready for a change, considering the full classes we have had in the last couple of weeks: Time to get back into shape, time to get active and gently get rid of those layers of comfort we carried with us throughout the long 6 months that winter has been.

Make sure to plan your week ahead by booking your classes on the weekend. Commit to your schedule. Get cooking and creative in the kitchen, making sure to eat all the colors of the rainbow, incorporate a mix of gently stir fried, cooked and raw food to your diet. Remove processed foods.

Or maybe it is time to set new goals, for in and outside of the box. What would you like to achieve by the end of the year? Where do you see yourself? Reflect on what you have achieved so far and set fresh, new goals.

Things at Fibre are exciting. As we approach our 3 years anniversary, we are grateful for many things: a fantastic bunch of people who day in and day out motivate us to do more and give more, awesome coaches with fantastic programming, attention to details and passion for what they do and the people they coach, making the Fibre community what it is today. We are thankful to you all and for spreading the Fibre love around.






Another full board of PBs for the month, post GVT. We tested and saw significant progress in squats and (power) cleans. Great to see so much improvement across the board.

Check this page to see the full list of PBs and awesome photos capturing those moments: August PBs

CrossFit Fibre Taryn Johnston

Congratulations to all who managed to achieve some gains in your lifting and added some gymnastic skills to your ninja repertoire. *virtual high 5*



Baby Joy

Congratulations Niall and Sarah Wadding on the arrival of baby Xander.

Congratulations Ana and Daniel Lopes on the arrival of Isabela.



Ana and baby Isabela


Congratulations Josh and Mietta on your engagement <3


We said goodbye to Coach Laura and Coach Julia who both moved interstate. We miss you both and we are excited for your new adventures.



Fi has been with us for almost two years and is a joy to be around. You will find her mostly in the 5pm classes, nice and early, with one of the warmest smiles you will ever see and always willing to give everything a go. She tries to go Rx whenever possible and does not care about where she comes in at the end. That is what we love and admire about her, her courage to give it a go.

Fi stepped up for her first competition last year as she joined forces with Ana and Claire, for the 3v3 showdown. Great show of hard work and sportsmanship on the day. Fi, you are a pleasure to coach. Your progress has been consistent and we are proud of all the hard work you have demonstrated over the years. We believe there is so much more yet to come from you and we are excited to be part of your fitness journey.

CrossFit Fibre Fiona

  • Can you tell us a bit more about yourself and what you do?

Myself and my kiwi husband Aaron moved to Australia in 2011, after a decade of travelling and having never really settled anywhere we left the madness of London in search of a quieter lifestyle.

Hello Perth! We have definitely found what we needed here and so the last five years have seen us working in WA mines to save to buy our house and get married in the beautiful Margaret River.

Margaret River is definitely my favourite spot so far. All of its green lushness and all those wonderful wineries, what’s not to like!

I am currently working in my first ever desk job, I’m hoping it will be my last.

  • Who and what inspires you?

People who are driven and focused especially those who are following their dreams. Whether its work or personal goals staying true to yourself and your beliefs is inspiring. It’s so easy to get caught up in the mundane.

  • Can you cook and what are your favourite dishes?

I love to cook but….. my husband is a chef haha! He is a kitchen ninja, me not so much ninja more messy child. I have learned a lot from him over the years though and the paleo challenge taught me a lot about flavour. I make great soup so I guess I’m a seasonal cook.

  • How would you describe your ideal day?
  • Great breakfast and coffee.
  • A paddle down the river or some beach time.
  • More good food.
  • Followed by a night of live music with my favourite people.
  • What has CrossFit done for you?

It has definitely helped with confidence and I think Danni’s no F#@&s attitude is rubbing off on me which I need.

Learning to stop sweating the small stuff and focus on the gains, it’s much more fun.

  • What is your favourite WOD?

Favourite mmm tough one I don’t think I have a favourite as such but Cindy is a good mix and one I really want to improve on.

  • Burpees or Chin Ups?

Chin ups purely because even though I can only manage a single chin up at times I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be able to get up there so each one is a celebration. Also, Burpees suck.

  • What do you like most about CrossFit Fibre?

The humans of course! Wouldn’t be much fun if it was just weights and bars and me.

Some of you are reading this thinking weirdo!

Even if I’ve had the worst day I know if I can haul myself to the box I can work it off and have a good chat the day will end well. Also it’s full to the brim with those inspiring humans I like so much.

CrossFit Fibre Fiona

CrossFit Fibre Fiona



Term 3 has cemented just why we love training kids. Seeing them do well outside the box in sports and on carnivale day makes us so happy and proud.  They are strong kids with athletic build, coordinated, aware, confident and are loving fitness. What more can we ask for?

Our older kids and teens are making huge progress as well. From getting their first unassisted chin up, double under or conquering the fear of split jerk, our young members are proving to be unstoppable. We are excited to move on to more technical skills in the next few weeks.

Fibre Kids

Fibre Kids

Fibre Kids





Fibre Julia

We miss you Julia!

‘Hello CrossFit Fibre – eat your fibre! I have been with Fibre to my last day in Perth! Literally, I did my last WOD (workout of the day) on a Tuesday night and jumped on a plane to Melbourne on a Wednesday morning. That is how hard it has been for me to say goodbye! For me, Fibre has been more than a crossfit box. It has been horribly challenging WODs (the ones that make you meet the darkest corners of your lazy soul – if I slowly move towards the exit and leave the box in the middle of the WOD, will anyone notice?) and amazing learning opportunity as a shadow coach (so thankful for my German accent, fear me!!). It was great to see how much effort CrossFit Fibre puts into the quality of training, coaching and programming. Every member is seen and gets necessary attention. The best part is! – Fibre has succeeded in creating an amazing community where everyone is seen, encouraged and is being part of the team. And I was part of that!!! CrossFit Fibre, both its coaches and members has given me so much more than just a daily fear of a workout, it has been crazy fun. I had so much support and love from the members. I wish for more people to discover the beauty of CrossFit and have the opportunity to join the amazing Fibre family. Love xxx Julia’



Coach Bjorn wrote an article on Glute Activation. If you have not read it, click on the link Glute Activation Exercises to Improve Your Squat and read up on some simple exercises to activate your glutes. The glutes are the powerhouse of your lifting. Often times without this powerful muscle activating, you may be using predominantly your quads (front of thighs) or yanking with far too much arm and activating your traps instead. Learn how to turn on your glutes and use them to facilitate your lifts.

CrossFit Fibre Standing Glute Extension




If you have been wanting to start CrossFit, come down for the Fundamentals course.
It is a 3 hour class where we teach you all the basic lifts and movements you will be exposed to, in a CrossFit workout.

A small class will ensure you get the most out of our Head Coach, questions can be asked as we go along and you will feel confident for classes.

Get in touch with us today to book your spot and find out when our next course is. Come find out who we are, why CrossFit is for everyone and why we love it. No one is too unfit, too big or too old to start.


CrossFit Fibre Fundamentals

Fundamentals course



Comparison is our worst enemy – it is alright to admire, be inspired and enlightened by others but once that starts brooding envy and self-doubt, you are leading yourself to self-destruction.

No one person is more important than another. 

Remember that everyone started somewhere. We have people from different sporting backgrounds to others who have never set foot in a gym let alone done any sort of exercise. Yet they all had one thing in common – they would not give up. No matter how hard the first couple of sessions were going to be. Mentally they were prepared for the challenge and committed. With consistency will come progress. ‘Normal’ people start doing ‘extraordinary’ things, things they never imagined they would be able to do. They work hard and push for what they believe in. That’s how great things happen.

Do not be your worst enemy. Do not down play your strengths and point out your weakness to others. Never underestimate what you are capable of.




There are a few competitions available this end of year; with 3 individual and a group competition. If you are keen to partake in any of these, let your coaches know. We can help you find a team and get you started on your competition training asap! Competitions are a great way to test and push your limits! Definitely give it a go if you have been thinking about taking part. You will have full support from your coaches.

  • Battle in the South West: 24 + 25 September
  • Frantic Day Out III: 29 + 30 October
  • Three vs Three Showdown: 5 + 6 November
  • Underground Games: 2 + 3 December

Comp Training is now on the way, so get your teams together and start plugging all the gaps in your training. Comp training or Performance classes are now happening on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights. Be Disciplined to your training and you will reap the benefits out of the hard work that you put in.



  • MegaWOD (Dress Up theme: What You Wanna Be When You Grow Up): Tuesday 27 September at 6.30pm
  • Ladies Picnic Lunch / Lawn Bowling: Saturday 1 or 8 October at 2pm
  • Bell Rapids Hike (3 hour long, tour guide Keith McKinney): Sunday 13 November
  • Fibre 3rd Birthday Party: Saturday 26 November



People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.

CrossFit Fibre

 Crossfit Fibre


CrossFit Fibre