Fat and Your Health - CrossFit Fibre

A nice bold statement and believe me that is where the story begins. The world is fascinated with losing it. With the modelling industry rife with models looking as thin as a chop-stick, we are obsessed with the size zero look. The more we try to lose it and restrict its consumption, the more our body wants to store it.
Its functions are in insulation, protection, cushioing, nerve transduction, and hormonal regulation. When you look at all those functions, they would rate as very important and would shut the body’s functions down if we run out of fat.
I have always had fun messing with my friends who were body builders and trying to drop weight. When their fat levels dropped to below a certain percentage that their body could not handle, they would have the the four seasons of emotions, angry, happy, sad and scared all in the space of 3 minutes.
Because of all the abuse that we are putting our bodies through, it is the very basic reaction of the body to store the most important nutrient just in case we abuse ourselves again. The number one abuse that causes our body to stack on the weight would be poor nutrition. When we eat poorly, our body will convert other sources of food into the valuable ones that it needs. I could expand this paragraph into a massive year long read but I will cut it short and keep it simple. A balanced meal of Fats, Carbohydrates and Proteins is essential in every diet.
The second form of abuse that we put ourselves through that shifts our body into fat storing is stress. We seem to be stressed out even more with our society and with the simplest things. Our society has not learnt ho to deal with stress and there is not enough understanding of what it is and how it can impact our body directly. In this Fight or Flight Response, it pushes our body into overdrive and into the Sympathetic Mode which starts a series of chain reactions that prepares our body for action. This is the very mode that turns off our digestive system as the focus is elsewhere. So depending on the number of hours that we are exposed to stress, is the number of hours that our digestive system is turned off.
The third and final form of abuse that we put ourselves through is the lack of physical activity. As a society we have stopped or reduced the amount of physical activity that we have included into our daily lives. This is a crucial factor and if we continue to sit on our bums and not partake in any light physical activity, the hips are definitely going to grow sideways and the weight will pile on.
In summary, you cannot omit fat from your diet.
You are made up of fat. All of your cells are made up of saturated fats. You need to eat some saturated fats and the key here is ‘Moderation’. Eat a balanced meal with all macronutrients, take time out to de stress and feel happy and keep mobile, moving and active. Start with a little change here and there in your lifestyles. Abrupt 180 degree changes have been done, but it is all about being ready and being able to embrace the change that will allow you to change your life.