CrossFit Fibre Turns 1 - CrossFit Fibre

Turn the clocks back to mid-2013. Out searching for a box after being messed around by a couple of dubious real estate agents, losing a few not too bad locations, I drove past a bright yellow building and thought why not give the agent a call and see what the deal is on this venue in Embleton Avenue.

Walked in and saw beyond the mess of what looked to be a pretty decent place to start a small CrossFit box. I immediately asked for the lease papers to sign. The Agent asked me “What business are you in?”. And I replied “CrossFit. I’m going to run a CrossFit box (gym) here”. He asked “Are you sure about that? Can you make money from that? I don’t want you to get caught up in the long lease…”. I answered with “I’m sure I will be fine”, but was actually thinking of how am I going to sell this venue and idea to my wife and family.

Nothing ventured nothing gained. The images below was what I saw.


Big wide open space, around 200 square meters of floor. High ceilings with loads of space to hang ropes and rings from.


A top viewing deck that did not have railings, a great lookout point for everyone. Great potential.


Potential storage on the roof of the toilets.


Horrible stinking toilets, obviously never washed or cleaned. Got a cleaner in to acid wash and steam clean the tiles before splashing some paint over it.


Had it cleared out and then the process of fitting it out had begun.

Today as it is in the month of November is exactly 1 year after we open our doors for trading.
We now celebrate an equipped little box in Embleton.

CrossFit Fibre would like to thank all past and present members who got in touch, walked in through our doors and gave 100% to find out what CrossFit is all about. Since then we have grown our little FibreFam and very happy to say “1 year and still here”.

This is only just the beginning.