CrossFit Fibre House Rules - CrossFit Fibre

Box Culture is important to us, so we need to establish some basic house rules at the box to create the Vibe.

1. Arrive Early
Get to the box on time. Never skip the warm up or explanation. If you miss the Warm Up, 50 Burpees will get you warm.

2. Mobility before the WOD
Stretch and move your stiff muscles before the WOD. Open up your chest, perform a squat stretch or any stretch relevant to your body or as prescribed by coach.

3. Pack your weights away
If you use it, you keep it. Only start clearing your weights away once Everyone has finished their WOD. It is not nice to clear your bar off when others are still exercising.

4. Introduce yourself to a new member
If you see someone new, say hello to them and introduce yourself. Do make the effort to get to know some of the other members in the gym. Smile and give someone else 2 minutes of your time. You got to give back to get back. If you want the Vibe, you have to Be the Vibe.

5. Cheer everyone on.
Upon completion of your WOD, pick yourself off the floor and cheer everyone else on. The class is not finished until everyone has completed the WOD. Cheering everyone on motivates everyone else to try harder to finish. It makes everyone feel great too.

6. Technique and Form over the WOD
Assess if you are able to safely make that lift. Rest if you need to if tech or form is starting to fail in the WOD. Ensure your core is engaged before your lift(s). Ask if you are unsure of the movement and standards.

7. Scale if You need to
Drop the weights or reps down if you need to as a scaling option when injured or instructed by Physio. But do not scale all the time for the sake of scaling or because you want to finish the fastest. Push yourself when you can. Choose the harder option if you can. You do not go to CrossFit for a “cruisy” WOD.

8. Be Honest about your Reps
If you fake your scores, you will be called out. If you are called out, you will have to re-do the WOD to prove your scores. If your reps do not meet the standards, No-Rep yourself and redo the rep. Sub-standard reps are not classified Rxd.

9. Clean up After your Mess and DNA. Disinfect.
Put away all equipment after you have finished with your WOD. This also applies to your personal belongings and drinks bottles. Drinks bottles will be dumped if not claimed after the weekend.
If you rip your skin, bleed or sweat over the equipment make sure you clean it up and disinfect. No spewing on rubber mats, only on concrete outside or in the toilet bowls. Disinfect your barbell if you have drenched it in sweat and dry it or it will start to rust.

10. No Whinging/Moaning/”Can’t”
Yes, we get it. You will be sore from the WODs. We will allow one comment about how sore you are but repeated statements of similar nature constitutes as whinging or moaning. Ask for Active Recovery Options not sympathy, because you will get none.

11. No Dumping of Empty Bars, Kettle Bells, Bars loaded with one 5kg plate per side, Single Plates, Slam-Dunking of loaded Barbells.
This is important for everyone to be familiar with. Empty Barbells are to be lowered to the ground with control and not thrown from any height, even when unloading plates.
5kg plates are flimsy so there will be no dumping (at all) of barbells loaded with only 1 5kg plate per side.
Single plates can only be dropped from knee height on full flat side and not on the edges. Strictly no dumping from hip height.
Loaded barbells can only be dropped from full extension. Guide them down but do not exert more force downwards than necessary and control the bounce of the bar. Ensure even bounce of the plates on both sides.
Anyone found not adhering to rule #11 will cop 50 Burpees as penalty on the spot.

12. Reserve your class before attending.
It is important to reserve your classes before attending. We need to know this so accomodate for you in terms of equipment and class set up. Make sure you reserve early to avoid disappointment.

13. Log your Scores.
Once you have completed your WOD, log your scores. Tracking your score will ensure you are on track to your results.