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CrossFit Fibre ranked top 10 best crossFit gyms in Perth.

Getting a write up on a reputable publishing website is an honour. But to be included in a list together with 10 other outstanding boxes is just phenomenal. CrossFit Fibre ranked top 10 best crossFit gyms in Perth. What a great little phrase that we kept reading over and over again. We could not believe how someone just clearly defined exactly what we were trying to do here at Fibre in a couple of sentences.

Thank you Menshealth for the write up on the website.

The little passage summarises very succinctly what we are trying to do here at Fibre.

“Priding themselves on creating an inclusive environment, Fibre aims to help you achieve transformative lifestyle improvements. We particularly like their pragmatic approach to CrossFit training. Understanding that CrossFit can intimidate people with its long list of complex movements, Fibre runs ‘ActCon’ classes (standing for Active Conditioning) where they offer all the best bits about a CrossFit sweat session, without the need for experience. Smart.”

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We are incredibly humbled and proud of this summary.

Thank you.

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