Cheap Gym Memberships and Why CrossFit is Expensive - CrossFit Fibre

Oh my! Stop the Press! Did you just spill your coffee all over the keyboard seeing this? Cheap gym memberships? Amazeballs!

Have you ever asked the price of CrossFit and then go “What the heck? They want me to pay all that money for them to flog me? Nah I’ll stay at my normal gym. It’s cheaper.”

News flash! CrossFit is Cheaper. Cheaper for Results.

Cheap Gym Membership CrossFit Fibre

Let us do the math for your normal gym. In a standard gym you pay your membership $50-$100 per month. This allows you access to their facilities but not inclusive of personal trainers or programs. If you are lucky enough to be part of one that offers group classes, you may just get your group class fix or you may get a Free program on signup.

So you try the gym thing yourself and you pull a few workouts from some torn-up muscle mag you read at the barbers. Months go by, you get some results, but you notice your results are stagnating and the group classes are starting to become boring and repetitive. You hire a Personal Trainer to whip you into shape. At 40-$80 per session for twice per week your extra services will add up to around a minimum of $320 per month.

Now add this to your membership you will be spending around $370-$420 per month.

Compared to a CrossFit model, think of all the yoga and Pilates classes that you attend in private small businesses. They charge between $10-$30 per class. Most CrossFit gyms run a similar model. You pay for the classes you attend. Some will get you on a contract and lock you in for a set time frame, but some do not. It really depends on you and your finances.

For an average cost of $250 per month you get access to the facilities and whats more importantly daily workout programming. Yes. You read this right. The box head coach will program the workouts for you and all you have to do is show up and workout to the program that has been set. There is minimal brain work for you in this area. It is like plug and play.

Some boxes have more specific programming to tailor to certain goals members would like to achieve which could be weight loss or competition training. Whatever your goals may be you just have to let your coach know what you want to achieve and
they should be able to micro-program for you.

  •  The CrossFit method is a highly effective training method to get you results.
  • You will get constant contact from your Coaches.
  • We program for your goals and micro-program again to get you to where you want to be.
  • In standard gyms you pay for the facilities. With CrossFit, you pay for Results.
  • CrossFit is about the Community of awesome people you will meet. They will keep you accountable and its always nice to workout with friends.

The standard gym expects you to pay and not show up. You must realize that you are spending to get into the gym and use their beautifully colored and fragrant smelling gyms with state-of-the-art equipment, situated in the swankiest part of CBD. They sell you on your wants, get you fired up on your goals and then hope you lose your motivation and fall off the door list.

So if you are a bargain hunter, then you will need to check out CrossFit because in the long run, you will be saving more money than you would a normal gym. Do yourself a favor. Get a real decent workout with CrossFit at CrossFit Fibre.