Building Strength for a Chin Up - CrossFit Fibre

Not everyone is strong enough to just jump on the bar and pull yourselves over the bar. This basic strength skill is lost in a large number of folks and before we just gently pull ourselves over the bar, we need to break down the movement so that we strengthen the muscles at different points of the movement.
To improve your Chin Ups start with the progressions below and perform when you come into the box. You must perform 1 of the sessions below in succession at least 3 times per week at the box, otherwise start from the start again. Be persistent and determined.
Make sure you have at least 3 days off the Chin Up muscles for the rest it requires before you begin the next week.
Sufficient warm ups for upper body required before beginning any of the sessions.
• 3-5 minutes Ski Erg
• 50 Shoulder Circles Front
• 50 Shoulder Circles Back
• Perform Max Rep Chin Up Test
• If you need a band, use the hardest band (gives you the least help)
Session 1
• Scapula Retraction from Dead Hang.
• Use a box and hang off the bar.
• At dead hang, with arms locked out, engage through middle back muscles (middle trapezius) to retract and depress shoulder blades.
• Body should rise through in between arms with the arms still locked out straight.
• Perform 20 reps; 30 second rest in between
Session 2
• Static Hold for 10 seconds – Chin Above the Bar
• Static Hold for 10 seconds – Midpoint, elbows and shoulders level
• Static Hold for 10 seconds – Engaged Lats just before Dead Hang
• 3 Rounds; 60 second rest in between
Session 3
• Eccentric Load Descend
• Use box and get Chin above Bar
• Lower body with Slow Descend to dead hang in 30 seconds
• Use box to get above the Bar
• Repeat Slow Descend for 6 Rounds
Repeat 1, 2, 3, for 2 or 4 weeks. Stay on anyone of the Sessions until you feel like moving on or progressing on to the sessions below.
Session 4
• Half Chin Ups
• Start from Mid Point
• Pull up above the bar
• Repeat 6 reps
• Start from Mid Point
• Lower to dead hang
• Pull up to Mid Point
• Repeat 6 Rounds
Session 5
• Staggered Chin Ups
• Start from Dead Hang
• Pull to break Dead Hang, hold for 5 secs
• Pull to Mid Point, hold for 5 secs
• Pull to Above the Bar, hold for 5 secs
• Repeat on the way down
• Repeat 6 Rounds; rest 60 secs in between
Session 6
• Perform 1 Chin Up every time you get to the box
• Add 1 every fortnight or as you get stronger
Retest after 1 or 2 months
• Perform Max Rep Chin Up retest
• Compare with previous Results