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Adele, also known as Deli, is one of the most engaging members at Fibre and also One to watch. When she is at the box, she makes time for everyone, from catching up with everyone to yelling out encouragement during a workout. This often causes her to be in trouble when the class gets held up. When she is not at the box, she takes time to comment on everyone’s achievements and posts on the members page.

Besides being such a warm teamplayer, last year, Deli also stepped it up in class in preparation for the 2018 CrossFit Open. She would attend up to 5 sessions a week, incorporating our Redline, Weightlifting and Gymnastics classes to improve her cardio and skills.

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Come Open time, Deli showed huge improvement in performance and one of the highlights was a 65kg power clean PB during event 2! Deli finished the Open strong, earning a 43rd position in Australasia and 8th in WA in the Women (45-49) division! This also won her the most outstanding performance from the Open at Fibre for 2018.

After the Open, Deli focused on her next big goal which was a 21km marathon. She completed the race on Sunday 27th May with a very impressive time of 1h36mins!

Deli, we would like to say well done on ALL your accomplishments so far! Thank you for showing us that where there is a will, there is a way, that results come with hard work. We also want to thank and recognise your amazing family and husband Tim for being so supportive all throughout the way!


The country town of Moora is where I grew up living and breathing the country lifestyle . Sport, sport and more sport is what I loved doing and this is the foundation of where I am today. The lifetime friends I made during these years and the team spirit environment started on the hockey and softball fields, the netball court , the tennis court. It taught me that there is nothing better than being in a team, achieving goals together and really believing and trusting your team-mate,. This is no different to being a member of the team at Fibre.

I saw my mum play her sports with determination, integrity and sportsmanship and I honour her memory with the same mindset.

At 21 the love of my life and now husband Tim travelled overseas a little and returned home and I moved to Perth. That was 24 years ago and now we are bringing up our two children. For the past 8 years I have worked as a Education Assistant at Inglewood Primary School.

The members at Fibre inspire me especially those of you who have just started, who are struggling with the movements or the fitness, you inspire me . You are so brave and I love watching you grow and get stronger and healthy. A good friend inspired me to take the next step with my running and this helped me to believe in myself more. “if its meant to be its up to me”


Yes I can cook and I enjoy cooking (most days) . I think my favourite dish is anything that is tasty and nourishing. Something like a Tuna lasagne, chicken curry or a simple green smoothie.

I do love raw home-made chocolate!! and I cant go past a home-made sausage roll!


An ideal day …
1. Someone to clean my house and make dinner while I’m exercising with all the Fibre family.
2. Going for a run to explore a new town or city.
3. Being home alone to relax and have the TV remote to myself only to fall asleep on the lounge.


A lot of ladies who are at CFF today came from another fitness group who had just started changing into a Crossfit box. I liked the combination of cardio, weight training and gymnastics together and enjoyed a totally new challenge physically and mentally. Though it wasn’t until we came over to Fibre that things got really real!


Oh gosh where do I start. Crossfit has brought me lifetime friends. It has challenged me everyday I go and make me physically stronger. It has given me new opportunities to attempt totally different movements (HSPU, T2B etc) and taken me to dark places. Crossfit has taught me to appreciate my physical and mentally toughness and weakness and has made my skinny leg jeans not fit anymore !! AWHH


None of them are nice and the Girl wods are all bitches but if I have to choose ….. a longer Wod like
Fight Gone Bad, or one that has a run mixed in. Diane was good fun.


At the moment chin ups, burpees let me down in 18.2!


Juggling time and family to get into the box is an achievement in itself!!
In the CF arena, getting a PB clean in 18.2a, stringing sets of T2B and getting a legless rope climb. That was cool! Outside the box I think getting thru a 20weeks marathon training programme alone and competing in the Gold Coast Marathon. This training then lead me to a 3rd place in the Busselton Half Ironman Triathlon. And of course having a beautiful husband and family.

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I love walking into the box and saying G’day to everyone, having a chat (probably too much chatting hey Keith!) and feeling everyone’s positive vibes.
Doing a Saturday partner Wod with Kymmy.
Watching the dynamite Jess and Wu move that bar with incredible load.
Keith and Dash putting everything they have into each Wod.
Hearing what question Matt Stafford will put forward each session. OMG!
And most of all I love the camaraderie and respect we all have with each other.


Coach Bjorn -The Don (do your goggles)


To keep coming !! and still be Cross-fitting at Lana and Henry’s age! They are inspirational!

I’d like to improve the gymnastic side of Crossfit and of course the ever elusive muscle up!!!


At present my thoughts are how much time, handwork , preparation and dedication coach Bjorn and all our wonderful coaches have put in over the last 4 months to get us all ready for the Open.

Thank you so very much. !! We appreciate everything you do to help us be stronger athletes and help us believe in ourselves.
All our Fibre members you are family and you are all bloody awesome.

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