81213 Rest Day - CrossFit Fibre

What an epic day yesterday for the Haiyan Fundraiser.
We collected $500 from the the generous attendees yesterday. What a good sort and sport. All monies will be collected and then sent to Unicef.
The WOD itself was almost a segmented Fran.
Buy In 30 Front Squats 70/60/Scaled
Shoulder to Overhead 70/60 Scaled
Muscle Ups/Chest to Bar/Pullups
The idea was to perform the WOD in midday at the hottest and supposedly muggiest time of the day to feel some of the unimaginable suffering that Philippino residents are feeling. We will continue this effort and try get another event happening in the new year. It is only a good thing that we are doing this for them to give back.
And if that was not enough, well we had to continue with a second WOD.
15 min AMRAP
4 Power Cleans 60/40
8 Burpee Bar Hops
12 KB SDHP 32/24