27 Mar 15 - CrossFit Fibre

Warm UP (5mins)
1.1km Run, Movement Flow


WOD 14.1
10min AMRAP
30 Double Unders
15 Power Snatch 34/25

Heavy Snatch day. Warm up with the Burgener Warm Up. 6 reps on every movement. Work up to your 1 Rep Max Snatch.

The WOD is a repeat of CrossFit Games 14.1 with Power Snatches and Double Unders. Another great capacity test. Let’s see if you have gotten any improvements from last year. Compare this to your score from the year before.

CrossFit Games Open 15.5
Final WOD
Row for Calories

Rx 43/29
Scaled 29/20

Rowing Pointers
Engage through Core and Lats(under armpits)

Pull through legs. With your Heels flat on the foot rest, activates hamstrings and glutes more. Drive with your legs 80-85% Extension.
Lean into 11 o’clock and finish with elbows behind the body.

Pause at the recovery and then bend at the legs and lean forward until your shoulders are over your hip. Keep the arms inline with the chain. Breathe here. 2-3 breaths.

To ensure you hit 1 Cal per Row, you will need to make sure that each row is over 1200cal/hr. Any less will mean you will need to row extra possibly 1.5 rows to achieve the 1 Cal of output. Sam Briggs was constantly hitting 1200 cal/hr to hit her 1 pull per Cal rate.

Damper Setting
Set the Damper between 3 and 5 optimal. The Damper allows more air into the housing. This is not the resistance level but more so the effect it has on the flywheel. It needs to be optimal for your power output. Every drive needs to be around 1200 without you feeling too much of a burn.
If set at 1, flywheel is moving too fast for comp to register you are putting much energy into the row. Set at 10 you are riding your bike on the highest (largest) gear really hard to paddle 1 cycle- but you go far. This is not efficient for a WOD like this.

Getting in and out of the rower is going to be a waste of time if not done correctly. Practice getting in and out of the foot strap. Foot strap needs to be under the knuckles of your feet.
To Get In: Foot in the footstrap, Kick up, Heels In and Down. Pull Straps tight.
To Get Out: Flick the footstrap, Kick your foot up, then pull heels out.
Don’t worry about strapping in on the last 9 Cals, just place your foot in the foot rest and row out the last 9 Cals.

Thruster Pointers
Pacing the Thruster
The Thruster is predominantly a leg workout. You will require your legs to drive the bar above the overhead position. With this WOD, you will find that after your Row, your thighs may be a little bit work for the Thruster.

Pausing at the top for 0.5-1 seconds is a good way to keep your pace. Motoring through all the repetitions of the Thruster is going to increase your lactate levels and even though you can endure the burn, you will want to NOT have those levels red-line. Pause at the top for a moment, take a breath in and out, re-engage the core and drop back down for the squat portion of the thruster.

Another Option: If you are strong enough to muscle the thruster weight above without much legs, use a 50:50 Legs to arms ratio of drive to get the Thruster overhead. This will save you a bit of leg for the Row. Use this option to the last 5 reps of the Thrusters together with slightly longer pauses for the Thruster.

Warm Up
Foam Roller Thoracic Extension – lie on foam roller across shoulders, hips on the floor, 2-5 minutes
Banded Elbow-Lat Stretch – 2 minutes per arm
RC Stick Stretch – 2 minutes per arm
Movement Flow – 5 minutes
BW squats, barbell Sumo Deadlift High Pulls, spend 5 minutes or more on this until you break a light sweat, get the heart rate up 5 minutes prior to the start of the WOD.
Test Rower Pull, Transition, Foot Strap, Damper Setting

Wrist straps, Knee Sleeves

Do Not Redline. Pause before the kettle starts to whistle.
Pause the Thrusters at Overhead Position or a Standing Rack Position if you need a breather. Drop the bar only if you really need to.
Positive Rep Splits for the Thrusters.
27: 20-7, 15-10-2, 10-10-7, 8-8-8-3
21: 10-8-3, 8-7-6
15: 10-5, 5-5-5,
9: Unbroken, 5-4, 3-3-3

Carb up 1 hour before the WOD, bananas, sweet potato mash, coconut water, fruits

Aim for under 12 minutes.