221113 - CrossFit Fibre

Warm Up
1000m Row
Century Testing for Time
100 Squats
100 Press Ups
100 Ring Rows
Foam Roller Stretch
Spinal realignment
Lie on the Foam roller with the roller running along your spine. Make sure head is rested. Lay there for up to 1 minute and add 1 minute every week. Releases any thoracic tightness and realigns your laptop/computer posture. When there is lower restrictions in your thoracic, your front rack will be less uncomfortable, front squats will be in a stronger position.
3/4’s of an Angie without the situps. We shall do that another day.
Classes will continue tomorrow, Dusty the Awesome will run them. I will be filling in on Primal Clans.
Have an awesome Friday.