21 Mar 15 - CrossFit Open 15.4 - CrossFit Fibre

CrossFit Open 15.4

8 min AMRAP
3 HSPU, 3 Cleans 84/56
6 HSPU, 3 Cleans
9 HSPU, 3 Cleans
12 HSPU, 6 Cleans
15 HSPU, 6 Cleans
18 HSPU, 6 Cleans
21,9; 24,9; 27,9; 30,12; etc

15.4 Scaled
8 min AMRAP
10 Push Press 43/29
10 Cleans 52/34

15.4 Strategy
This wods is a test of your upper body strength.

WU for the HSPU/ Push Press
Shoulder girdle. Warm it up well. Please take the time to go through the warm up thoroughly or your performance will be greatly impaired. The warm up and preparation will take about half an hour done well.
If you are not doing the wod tonight focused on upper back release in the days leading up to your WOD.

Shoulder Passovers for 5 minutes.
Shoulder Elevation and Depressions 2 minutes
Wrists wall stretches on the wall or floor.
Upper Thoracic Foam roller roll out across the shoulders for 2 to 5 minutes
Pectoral stretch 2 minutes, off a wall or rack, off the Rings above shoulder height

WU for the Clean
Movement Flow,
Body Weight and Loaded Good Mornings 6 to 10 reps 50% load
Banded Elbow Elevation/flexion 2 minutes

WOD Strategy
Do not rush the reps for the HSPU. Breaking the reps up is absolutely crucial. Breaking the reps up into 3s, 2s and singles are recommended in both the HSPUs and the Cleans

Do not rest on your head at the bottom of the HSPU. Stand back up and compose yourself, shake it off and ensure a successful rep. Trying when you know you have not got it is not a good choice and is not efficient.

Using the Kip, Knees down to hip height, extend your legs violently and forcefully upwards and most importantly squeezing your butt cheeks and abs tight to get more lift in the kip. At the bottom of the kip, do not let the lower back curve or cave in, keep it straight, butt cheeks still touching the wall. If you cannot generate force from your knees being at hip height, you will not get more by going knees to elbows, this weakens your spine and loads your chest and neck.
Your kip is going to save you and allow your more reps. Strength in your upper body will dictate your performance. The cleans are there to break the flow up. Strict HSPUs will limit your total score on the end.

Run away with the Cleans when you get back to it as your legs will be fresh for the Cleans. Touch and Go triples. The Cleans will most likely be the easier reps. Clean using your glute, butt and hamstrings.

8 minutes
10 Push Press 43/29
10 Cleans 52/34

There will be 2 bars needed for anyone doing a scaled workout. Use Positive Splits in your rep strategy. Perform 6 or 7 reps in the first half of your chunk. Rest in the Rack position for the Push Press and finish all 10 reps before you drop the bar. Minimise dropping the bar for the Push Press. More cleans is unnecessary.