180214 Epiphany Tuesdays - CrossFit Fibre

Back Squat
Split Jerk
15 min AMRAP
6 Hang Clean
6 Push Press

Training Tips:
Stay grounded as long as possible during the hip extension so that you can drive more strength and power from the hips extending. A majority of power is lost if the heels come off before the the hips achieve full hip extension.
“Stay on Your Heels”
“Weight on Your Heels”
Let these words ring in your head for every rep.
Epiphany of the Month:
Let this be a box of learning and sharing. This journey of “Open Source” training is open to the constant sharing and contributions of all the amazing individuals that we are surrounded by. If we all take something and share a little bit to enrich someone else’s life, their journey will be far more beneficial. How “we roll”, the pathways and journey’s are all a part of the many little gifts that have been shared by others or experienced by our “fancy/interesting/meaningful” lives. Add your value, but know what the boundaries are and if they apply to your gifts.