17114 Rest Day - CrossFit Fibre

Rest Day
Funny Tired Dog_crossfit_fibre
Things to do on your Rest Day:
-Go for a walk. In the park or in the Mall
-Keep Stretching, get on the Foam Roller
-Keep Moving around and not camping on the couch
-Choose good quality nutritious foods (pref organic)
-Drink loads of water
-Mow/water your Garden (de-stress)
-Plan your plan of attack for the week
-Plan your meals for the week
-Watch some comedy on Youtube
-Get fired up for the week
Video of the Day

Dan Bailey is a gun athlete in CrossFit. Love his work.
Have a look at the next video where he takes on 4 other athletes with 4 other Girls of CrossFit.

Box Updates:
Next week is going to be an epic week with 2 Fundamentals Classes running. Tuesday and Thursdays are full and there are currently 2 more spots on the Wednesday class, a new class we just opened up due to the demand of Fundamentals Classes. For more info go to the Getting Started page.
If you know of anyone who is keen to get started in Fundamentals, get them to send us an email asap so that we can secure their place.
Our Fibre Therapy Masseuse is back online again. If anyone is after Trigger Points or a Sports Massage, head on over to the Fibre Therapy page or the Shop to get booked in.
We are closed on the 25th Jan. Heading up to Hillside CrossFit in Midland to support the fundraiser for the Perth Hills Bushfires. It will be an epic day. Hope we can all fit in Brads box or there will be a fair bit of piggy-backing, but we got that covered.